Jul 022014

Homebirths“You know most mammals leave the water to give birth, and up to 1% of infants drown.”

- OB to mother who was transferring care to a midwife and choosing to birth in a birth center.

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May 142014

MOSWNoOtherText“You are crazy for wanting a water birth and that there are no other mammals in nature that give birth in water.”

- OB to mother who shared that she would like to have a water birth,

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 May 14, 2014  OB, water birth 33 Responses »
Apr 052014

MOSWNoOtherText“No! You can labor in the tub but your baby will drown if you give birth in the tub.”

- OB to mother when she inquired about water birth.

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 April 5, 2014  OB, water birth 33 Responses »
Feb 142014

MOSWNoOtherText“Water births are disgusting and completely unhygienic. Nobody around here offers those.”

 - OB to pregnant mother when asked about water births while discussing birth options. Comment was made complete with sour face.

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 February 14, 2014  Birth Plan, OB, water birth 19 Responses »
Nov 062013

Pushing“Get her out of the pool and on her back on the bed or I won’t let her have this baby.”

- OB to mother who was about to birth her baby in the tub.

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 November 6, 2013  OB, pushing, water birth 25 Responses »
Oct 012013

Pushing“Oh hell no, we are NOT having a water birth in here today.”

- L&D Nurse or Midwife as a crowd rushed passed the father to unplug the tub drain where the mother was pushing. 

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May 292013

“Absolutely not! If God wanted you to give birth in the water, he would’ve made you a fish.” – OB to mother who asked if she could use the jacuzzi in the hospital room to labor in.

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 May 29, 2013  birth, labor, OB, water birth 24 Responses »
Jan 252013

“Water birth is disgusting, do you think I would get in a tub with you and all that blood and mess just to deliver your baby?” – OB to mother who stated that she would love a water birth for with this birth, her third.

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 January 25, 2013  birth, OB, water birth 40 Responses »
Dec 242012

“I attended a water birth yesterday, it was magical. Textbook water birth, and the mother was glowing and so ecstatic.” – OB to mother who shared she was hoping to birth in the water.

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Dec 132012

“So, you want to ‘oopsie’ a waterbirth?”  - L&D nurse to mother at a hospital where water births are not technically permitted.

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