Jan 222014

Labor“Oh sh!t!”

- L&D nurse upon learning that the precipitous labor and birth that just happened minutes after the mother had arrived on the unit was a vaginal birth after two prior cesareans.

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 January 22, 2014  L&D Nurse, labor, VBAC 50 Responses »
Dec 242013

Cesareans“We will go ahead and schedule your cesarean section now.”

- OB to mother with two prior cesareans, at the mother’s 10 week prenatal appointment, after the mother indicated that she wanted to have a VBAC.

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 December 24, 2013  Cesarean, OB, VBAC 16 Responses »
Nov 192013

Cesareans“Your body just likes to hang on to babies.”

- OB to mother immediately after an emergency cesarean, when telling the mother that she should always birth by cesarean.

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 November 19, 2013  Cesarean, VBAC 4 Responses »
Oct 282013

Cesareans“Have your appointment next week at the main office so we can schedule your cesarean section.”

- Certified Nurse Midwife to mother planning a VBAC  at the mother’s 38 week prenatal appointment. The CNM then went on to inform the mother that this is standard protocol.




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 October 28, 2013  birth, Cesarean, CNM, Midwife, VBAC 26 Responses »
Sep 272013

Cesareans“So, the last two came through the window and you want this one to come out the door?”

- L&D Nurse to mother who was trying for a vaginal birth after 2 cesareans (VBA2C)

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 September 27, 2013  Cesarean, L&D Nurse, VBAC 10 Responses »
Sep 262013

ThoughtfulThursday“So you want to do this all natural? Fantastic! You will have a better chance at your VBAC, your baby will be happier, and I will have way less charting. We all win!”

- L&D Nurse to mother during labor.

Don’t forget to visit our new My OB Said What!?! forums!  Participate and share your thoughts on a variety of topics!

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Aug 292013

“You have very high blood pressure, so if this was a repeat c-section, I’d have suggested taking the baby this week. But as you want a VBAC and baby seems to be doing well, let’s wait till 42 weeks.” – Family Practice Doctor to mother.

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Aug 162013

“You’ll need to schedule your follow up appointment to check your incision.” -Discharge nurse to a woman being discharged after a successful VBAC.  Subsequently, woman was billed for a cesarean section on the day BEFORE she had gone into spontaneous labor and delivered vaginally.

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 August 16, 2013  Cesarean, L&D Nurse, VBAC 32 Responses »
Jul 152013

“We should go ahead and schedule a second cesarean section. Your pelvic floor is not compromised by birth and if you have a cesarean section, you can keep it nice for your husband.” – OB to mother at a prenatal appointment for her planned VBAC.

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 July 15, 2013  Cesarean, OB, vagina, VBAC 26 Responses »
Jul 102013

“Well somewhere between your first baby’s weight and your second baby’s weight- the baby can’t fit.” – OB to mother who wanted to VBAC and had one prior vaginal birth and one cesarean.

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 July 10, 2013  Big Baby, Cesarean, OB, VBAC 15 Responses »