May 202014

MOSWNoOtherText“And one for him”

- OB gesturing to the husband while stitching up a vaginal tear after delivery.

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 May 20, 2014  OB, vagina 33 Responses »
Mar 172014

MOSWNoOtherText“We can give it a try, but I’d like to avoid what I call “hamburger vagina.”

- OB to mother at first appointment, when the mother shared that she would like to avoid an episiotomy.


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 March 17, 2014  episiotomy, OB, vagina 20 Responses »
Dec 102013

MOSWNoOtherText“It’s a new normal and you will get used to it.”

- Midwife to mother at 6 week postpartum, when the mother indicated that the stitches from her perineal repair had pulled loose and the skin had not healed together.

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 December 10, 2013  Midwife, postpartum, vagina 8 Responses »
Nov 152013

MOSWNoOtherText“Your hooha. My daughter calls it a cha-cha.”

- OB to mother who spoke English as a second language and asked what the word perineum meant.

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 November 15, 2013  OB, vagina 22 Responses »
Nov 062013

EpiduralsOB to L&D nurse: “Why is she screaming?”

L&D Nurse:  “I think the epidural has worn off – you had better be quick.”

- The OB was attempting to manually remove some retained placenta.


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 November 6, 2013  epidural, L&D Nurse, OB, placenta, vagina 10 Responses »
Oct 122013


Cesareans“Just have a cesarean section!  My sister looks like hamburger down there from her vaginal births.”

- Ultrasound tech to parents during an ultrasound where the baby was measuring big.

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Sep 292013

MOSWNoOtherText“You know, everyone outside already saw your hoo ha.”

- L&D Nurse to mother who preferred to take a shower without assistance.  The mother had birthed her footling breech, premature baby in the front seat of her car in front of the Emergency Department entrance.

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 September 29, 2013  breech, L&D Nurse, vagina 31 Responses »
Jul 292013

“You can’t have a home birth because when you were 9 you broke your leg and you may not be flexible enough for vaginal delivery.” – OB

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 July 29, 2013  Home Birth, OB, vagina 31 Responses »
Jul 192013

“You have an ENORMOUS vagina.”  -  Midwife exclaimed during a cervical check at triage.  The midwife was having a difficulty in performing a cervical exam.

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Jul 172013

“I can’t believe how many times my hand has been in your vagina, we haven’t even gotten to the birth suite yet!” – Midwife to mother in labor.

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