Oct 122013


Cesareans“Just have a cesarean section!  My sister looks like hamburger down there from her vaginal births.”

- Ultrasound tech to parents during an ultrasound where the baby was measuring big.

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Jul 192013

“It’s not my fault that you are so sensitive.” – Ultrasound technician during a Biophysical Profile at 41 weeks. The scan was painful for the mother.

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Jul 062013

“Your baby doesn’t look good.” – Radiologist to mother and father during a routine ultrasound on a Friday afternoon. The following Monday at a regular OB appointment hey learned that the baby had died several weeks before.

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Jun 292013

“In my experience babies who are breech now will stay that way until the end of pregnancy.  Are you scheduling a cesarean section?” – Ultrasound Tech during ultrasound at 31 weeks to check for intrauterine growth restriction.

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Jun 142013

“The ultrasound says the baby is 9 pounds 11 ounces, give or take a pound. They’re usually pretty accurate even this late in the pregnancy although she could be almost 11 pounds. I wouldn’t torture anyone by making them birth an 11 pound baby vaginally. Just get a cesarean section.” – OB to mother.

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Jun 052013

“Is that not what you ordered?” – Ultrasound technician to parents at a 20 week ultrasound when the gender was revealed.

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May 012013

“I can’t find your cervix. You’ll need an ultrasound.” – Gynecologist when the mother went in to have her IUD checked.

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Apr 242013

“I can’t see you as my patient if you refuse monthly Doppler checks.” –  OB when mother refused monthly Doppler checks but had agreed to a 2nd trimester ultrasound.

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Apr 142013

“Since clearly you didn’t have any prenatal care, he’ll need to see a cardiologist for a heart ultrasound just to make sure there’s nothing wrong with him.” – Pediatrician to mother of a home birthed baby, who did have a Level II u/s at 22w gestation.

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Apr 102013

“Well, your babies are dead.” – Ultrasound tech to a mother pregnant with twins who was having a routine ultrasound two days after a checkup said everything was normal.   The mother said, “Are you serious???” and the tech replied, “Yes, I’m serious,” and left the room.

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