May 232014

Loss“You are 10 weeks 4 days for today’s ultrasound.”

- Ultrasound tech (prior to a scan) to a woman who had a D&C two weeks before. The same technician had diagnoses the miscarriage two weeks previously.

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May 222014

ThoughtfulThursday“I’m not supposed to tell you anything, but I want you to know it’s not ectopic, definitely in the uterus.”

- US tech to patient in the ER with symptoms of ectopic pregnancy.

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Mar 272014

ThoughtfulThursday“I was about to go to lunch when they said you were in the waiting room. Let’s go do the ultrasound now so that you can go home.”

- OB to mom who had an unexpected ultrasound scheduled for an hour after her postpartum visit

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Mar 192014

MOSWNoOtherText“Why?!? Why would you ask that?! Who told you to ask that?!”

 - Ultrasound tech when  the mother asked if the placenta was attached high or low in the uterus.

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 March 19, 2014  Ultrasound 21 Responses »
Mar 112014

Loss“How far along do you think you are? Well, there’s no baby in there.”

-  Ultrasound tech after mother went in for a scan at 14.5 weeks after not hearing a heartbeat on the Doppler in a prenatal appointment. There was a baby, just no longer a heartbeat.

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Feb 162014

Loss“How far along do you think you are? 14 weeks?!? Well, there’s no baby in there.”

- Radiologist walking in to the ultrasound exam room and then turning and walking out, after being called by the ultrasound tech.

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 February 16, 2014  pregnancy loss, Ultrasound 15 Responses »
Feb 102014

MOSWNoOtherTextUltrasound tech: “So have you had any screening for Down syndrome?

Mother: “….No…..why?”

Tech:  “Oh, no reason.”

Asked completely out of the blue by the ultrasound technician during a scan at 35 weeks of pregnancy.

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 February 10, 2014  Ultrasound 13 Responses »
Jan 312014

MOSWNoOtherText“This is my day off.”

- Ultrasound tech while pulling down (without permission) the pants of a teenage girl  hospitalized for kidney infections and ovarian cysts.

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 January 31, 2014  Ultrasound 19 Responses »
Jan 242014

Loss“I can’t see anything!”

- Ultrasound tech to mother who was getting ultrasound due to bleeding at 10 weeks of pregnancy. 

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 January 24, 2014  pregnancy loss, Ultrasound 12 Responses »
Jan 162014

ThoughtfulThursday“We can certainly do weekly ultrasounds throughout the 1st trimester to ease your mind.”

- OB  to mother who had 3 prior miscarriages, all discovered only through ultrasound after having previously seen a heartbeat in earlier weeks.

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