Jun 192014

ThoughtfulThursday“I’ll make sure the nurses stop asking you to give your twins the hep b vaccine. It sounds like you know what you’re talking about, these are your babies and they need to respect that.”

- Neonatologist to mother with twins in the NICU.

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Jun 042014

Pushing“I don’t think this is going to work!”

- OB, walking out of OR, with arms thrown up in the air. This was a vaginal twin delivery. Baby A was had been delivered and they were waiting on Baby B to drop. 

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 June 4, 2014  OB, pushing, Twins 34 Responses »
May 202014

MOSWNoOtherText“Because I just didn’t think you were going to go this long. Twins always come early.”

- OB to mother who had PTSD from a previous birth experience and had hired that doctor specifically because of a promise that the doctor would be there for the birth after 36 weeks.  At 38 weeks the doctor announced that s/he was departing for vacation.

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 May 20, 2014  Due Date, OB, Twins 11 Responses »
Apr 242014

ThoughtfulThursday “We know you don’t need our help, we just wanted to come by and meet the mom nursing twins that everyone has been talking about.”

- Hospital lactation consultant to new mother.


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Jan 072014

Cesareans“Ah, breech twins, let’s book you into a section then.”

- OB immediately upon learning the most recent ultrasound showed breech twins.

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 January 7, 2014  breech, Cesarean, OB, Twins, Ultrasound 19 Responses »
Nov 192013

NICU“I know how you feel about wanting your babies to be home, I have cats.”

- NICU Nurse to parents waiting to be able to bring home their 33 week twins.

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 November 19, 2013  L&D Nurse, newborn, NICU, Twins 42 Responses »
Jul 232013

“Your HCG levels are really high for six weeks. You’re either having twins or there’s something wrong.” – OB Nurse over the phone when giving test results to a mother-to-be.

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Jun 202013

“As long as the girls are positioned in a way you can push them out, I see no reason why you should have a cesarean section.  That’s a major surgery, hard on you and the babies, and vaginal is just so much more healthy.” – OB to mother carrying twins.

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Apr 102013

“Well, your babies are dead.” – Ultrasound tech to a mother pregnant with twins who was having a routine ultrasound two days after a checkup said everything was normal.   The mother said, “Are you serious???” and the tech replied, “Yes, I’m serious,” and left the room.

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Feb 252013

“Oh, you need to schedule your cesarean section for 36 weeks- all our twin moms do.” – Perinatologist to mother carrying twins.

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 February 25, 2013  Cesarean, OB, Twins 38 Responses »