Jul 142014

NewbornsOB: “I have never done that before. We have to hold the baby below the mom or the baby could become anemic.”

Mother: “Do you have research on that?”

OB: “No, I don’t have any.”

Mother: “If I bring you studies to read, would you consider altering your practice with me and let me hold the baby while the cord stops pulsing?”

OB: “No. I have never done that before.”

Conversation about delayed cord clamping while the baby is held by the mother.

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 July 14, 2014  newborn, OB, Third Stage 66 Responses »
Dec 042013

MOSWNoOtherText“It’s almost done, so you might as well finish it.”

- L&D nurse to mother requesting that the bag of pitocin that she had refused to begin with be removed from her IV.

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Dec 032013

MOSWNoOtherText“That’s OK, she’s having the drip.”

- OB when reminded that the mother did not want to have an injection of pitocin for active management of the third stage.

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Nov 202013

MOSWNoOtherText“You must be given pitocin after delivery no matter what.”

- OB at prenatal when discussing birth plan at 37 week prenatal.


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 November 20, 2013  OB, pitocin, prenatal, Third Stage 11 Responses »
Aug 122013

“Oh, I’ll just give the cord a little pull.  Oh f**k!” – Midwife after using too much cord traction and snapping off the umbilical cord from the placenta.

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May 142013

“It has to come out.” – OB to mother who was objecting to the doctor pulling on the umbilical cord to remove a still attached placenta.

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 May 14, 2013  OB, Third Stage 29 Responses »
Jan 312013

“Get out of the way! You are not chopping her up if I have anything to say about it!” Female OB to Male OB who was wheeling mom back into OR for a hysterectomy as soon as a postpartum hemorrhage  was diagnosed, without any attempt to stop it. Female OB went on to work for 45 minutes stopping the PPH so that a hysterectomy was not needed.

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Nov 072012

“Dads…you should allow the doctor to cut the cord because it can be quite difficult to cut. We don’t want any accidents!” –  L&D Nurse conducting a hospital tour.

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 November 7, 2012  birth, OB, placenta, Third Stage 35 Responses »
Oct 192012

“That’s a granola concept, but I’ll still do it if you like.” – OB to parents who wanted to delay cord clamping.

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 October 19, 2012  newborn, OB, Third Stage 14 Responses »
Oct 102012

“We’re waiting for the blood to reach the baby, I’ll give her to you in a minute.” – OB to mother as the OB was hanging the baby upside down, by her feet, because the mother had requested delayed cord clamping.

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 October 10, 2012  newborn, OB, placenta, Third Stage 30 Responses »