Nov 152013

Loss“Well, you’ve had a miscarriage. But this wasn’t a planned pregnancy anyway, right?”

- ER doctor to a pregnant teenager. 

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Nov 142013

ThoughtfulThursday“Have you had any abor – sorry, miscarriages. I was reading off the paper and they call any miscarriage an abortion; I meant to say miscarriage.”

- L&D nurse collecting health history from mother

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Oct 302013

Loss“Your baby is dead, and you can go home now. We’ve set up an appointment tomorrow for a D&C.”

-  Emergency Room Doctor to mother experiencing bleeding during her first month of pregnancy.

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Oct 292013

LossOB during an ultrasound at the first prenatal: “Hmmm. Doesn’t look to be anything there.”

Husband:  “What does that mean????”

OB: “Meh, she’ll probably just miscarry.”


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Oct 242013

ThoughtfulThursday“Nothing.  Just come back when you are ready to have your next baby.”

- Midwife, when mother asked how much she owed after having three appointments for a pregnancy that ended in miscarriage.

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Oct 242013

ThoughtfulThursday“I really think that a D&C is your best option at this point, It’s a fairly safe surgery, I’ve had one myself.  Its important that we get in quickly, but there are risks involved and I want to make sure that you understand them.”

- OB to mother who was hemorrhaging during a miscarriage.

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Oct 132013

Loss“That’s perfectly normal.”

-ER nurses to woman who came in twice experiencing bleeding with clots. At the next OB appointment no heartbeat could be found, she had miscarried two weeks previous.

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Sep 152013

“If you’re not better when I come back in the morning, I’m aborting your baby so we can give you stronger medication.”

- Doctor to visibly upset pregnant mother, only 9 hours after she was admitted with pneumonia, and before any medication was administered.

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Sep 122013

“I’m so, so sorry, let’s pray together.” – OB to mother and partner after the death of their daughter in the NICU, when the doctor stopped to offer his condolences.

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Sep 012013
You could bring in a shoebox and we can send him home with you and you can bury him in the backyard!

– L&D Nurse to mother in the hospital to deliver her 16 week old son, when discussing options for his body after birth.

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