Apr 152014

Loss“You have such difficult pregnancies. All this back and forth to have a baby is ridiculous. I think you should just get fixed and then we won’t ever have to deal with this again.”

- Certified Nurse Midwife to mother at six week postpartum  The mother had lost her twins in a previous pregnancy and had just given birth to her next child after a complicated pregnancy.

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Mar 312014

Loss“And how many of them are doctors?”

- OB to mother with a second trimester loss, who asked about some potential testing to determine cause, after sharing she had learned about the testing from other women who had previously had similar experiences.

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Mar 242014

Loss“At least now you can go home and have a glass of wine.”

- Emergency Room doctor to mother who was being seen for an early miscarriage.

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Mar 242014

Loss“We can’t do that.”

- OB to father while mother was still sedated after a D&C for missed miscarriage when the father asked for baby’s remains so they could be buried in a cemetery.

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 March 24, 2014  OB, pregnancy loss 17 Responses »
Mar 222014

Loss“You wouldn’t be having this pain if you weren’t in a ‘mixed race’ marriage.”

- OB to mother who was having severe pain early in her pregnancy.  The mother ended up being diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy.

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 March 22, 2014  OB, pregnancy loss 25 Responses »
Mar 112014

Loss“How far along do you think you are? Well, there’s no baby in there.”

-  Ultrasound tech after mother went in for a scan at 14.5 weeks after not hearing a heartbeat on the Doppler in a prenatal appointment. There was a baby, just no longer a heartbeat.

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Mar 052014

Loss“Why do you have the monitors off?!?! We can’t keep your baby safe if you don’t leave them on!”

- L&D nurse to a mother laboring with a baby who had passed away and would be stillborn.

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Mar 032014

Loss“The nightmares you had been having were just your body’s way of preparing you for the loss.”

- Psych Nurse Practitioner to mother who had just experienced a miscarriage.

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Feb 262014

Loss“Don’t be so silly, it wasn’t even alive.”

- OB during rounds whens speaking to a crying mother who had been admitted for a miscarriage.

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 February 26, 2014  OB, pregnancy loss 36 Responses »
Feb 202014

ThoughtfulThursday“You hold on to your baby as long as you need to, OK?”

-  L&D nurse, to a mother who birthed and lost a baby at 15.5 weeks. 

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