Apr 172014

ThoughtfulThursday“I’m really worried about you. Call me today when you make an appointment. Or you can fax the information, whatever works better. I’ll give you my personal numbers. I’m really worried, and I want you to be seen right away.”

- OB to new mother who was asking about and exhibiting signs of delayed-onset postpartum depression.

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Apr 142014

Fatness“Not a chance. The tried-and-true still stands: eat less, move more, and you’ll lose weight.”

- OB in response to mother who inquired as to whether something other than diet and exercise could be causing a weight problem, as the mother was struggling to lose baby weight despite exclusively nursing, eating a very healthy diet, and working out daily.

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Apr 132014

Breastfeeding“If you think that hurts, wait until you breastfeed!”

- L&D nurse to mother who yelped during the L&D nurse’s massage of her uterus postpartum. 

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Mar 272014

ThoughtfulThursday“I was about to go to lunch when they said you were in the waiting room. Let’s go do the ultrasound now so that you can go home.”

- OB to mom who had an unexpected ultrasound scheduled for an hour after her postpartum visit

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Feb 172014

Cesareans“Are ya poopin’?”

- L&D Nurse walking in on mother trying to use the toilet, naked, after being bedridden for four days following a cesarean section.


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Feb 072014

MOSWNoOtherText“All we have up here is narcotic pain medication. If you want Tylenol, you’ll have to wait until the pharmacy opens in 7 hours.”

- L&D Nurse to mother one day postpartum when the mother asked for medication to help with afterpains while nursing.

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Jan 292014

Epidurals“Oh honey, you just have the baby blues!”

- Postpartum Nurse to mother who was complaining of a severe headache after a birth with an epidural.

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Jan 132014

RoundedSpeechBubble“You will die if you don’t let us do this!”

- L&D Nurse to mother who had retained placenta.  The retained material was removed manually by an L&D Nurse while four other nurses restrained the mother.  The OB had left for vacation after the birth.  The mother was not medicated at this time.

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 January 13, 2014  L&D Nurse, placenta, postpartum 31 Responses »
Jan 122014


“Are you okay? It looks like you fell asleep!”

- Postpartum Nurse to mother after a long labor that ended in cesarean. 


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 January 12, 2014  Cesarean, L&D Nurse, postpartum 17 Responses »
Jan 042014

Breastfeeding“You’re still breastfeeding? Wow, we usually assume that most young mothers give up by their 6 week postpartum appointment. Besides, it makes the breast exam that I NEED to do much less awkward for us.”

- OB to mother at 6 week check up.

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 January 4, 2014  breastfeeding, OB, postpartum 23 Responses »