Jun 212014

MOSWNoOtherText“Why would you even think of having another baby if all of that happened last time?”

- Midwife to mother who disclosed that she had experienced severe postpartum depression with her first baby, and asked the midwife to be alert to signs of postpartum depression this time around.

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May 272014

Breastfeeding“Are you sure you haven’t supplemented him with formula?”

- Hospital nurse to a first time mother with an exclusively breastfed baby during a weight check.

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May 222014

ThoughtfulThursday“You must be hungry. The hospital kitchen is closed right now but I can go make you a little something while you wait for your room.”

- L&D nurse to mother after she gave birth late at night.

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May 072014

MOSWNoOtherText“You were just sleep deprived.”

- Therapist to mother who sought treatment for postpartum depression and suicidal thoughts, after five months of treatment.

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May 062014

MOSWNoOtherText“Why do you have that on? I wasn’t told to expect a CPAP!”

- Postpartum Nurse who seemed very offended that a new mother might have sleep apnea.

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May 062014

Newborns“No, I didn’t bring them back. Why would you want the babies in the room with you?”

- Postpartum nurse who did not normally work on the postpartum unit to new mother.

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May 052014

MOSWNoOtherText“Hold her down so she doesn’t kick me.”

- L&D nurse to husband while performing a fundal massage on the mother after birth.

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Apr 242014

ThoughtfulThursday“I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I’m positive we can help.”

- OB Nurse to mother had a traumatic birth.

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Apr 212014

Breastfeeding“Your crying is making your milk sour. No wonder he won’t breastfeed.”

- Postpartum nurse to mother 23 hours after a cesarean.

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Apr 172014

ThoughtfulThursday“I’m really worried about you. Call me today when you make an appointment. Or you can fax the information, whatever works better. I’ll give you my personal numbers. I’m really worried, and I want you to be seen right away.”

- OB to new mother who was asking about and exhibiting signs of delayed-onset postpartum depression.

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