Feb 172014

Cesareans“Are ya poopin’?”

- L&D Nurse walking in on mother trying to use the toilet, naked, after being bedridden for four days following a cesarean section.


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 February 17, 2014  Cesarean, L&D Nurse, Poop, postpartum 13 Responses »
Jul 092013

“I want to keep him overnight, but it’ll just be a waste of everyone’s time and resources if you two are making this sound worse than it is.” – Pediatrician to mother who brought her 3 month old baby in with bloody, watery stool and a high fever.  The baby did not pass stool during the ER visit, so the pediatrician stated he had no “proof.”

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Nov 182012

“I didn’t know white people did that.” – Pediatrician to mother who shared that she was going to use elimination communication with her newborn.

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 November 18, 2012  birth, newborn, pediatrician, Poop 20 Responses »
Nov 132012

“He failed the hearing test but had a big poop!” – L&D Nurse upon returning baby after hearing test and walking out without providing any more information.

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 November 13, 2012  L&D Nurse, newborn, Poop 19 Responses »
Dec 062011

“We only give iron for constipation.” — Postpartum nurse to mother who asked if she could continue the iron she was on during her pregnancy.

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Mar 022010

“Oh for God’s sake why didn’t somebody give this woman an enema?” -OB to woman birthing in 1969.  She still remembers these words to this day.

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 March 2, 2010  OB, Poop, pushing 25 Responses »
Oct 222009

“Here comes the baby! Oh, that’s not the baby, that’s poop! Ha, ha, ha.” -OB to mother during pushing.

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 October 22, 2009  OB, Poop, pushing 12 Responses »
Sep 072009

“That BM is bigger than the baby!” -said by a CNM after mum passed a bowel movement.

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 September 7, 2009  CNM, Poop, pushing 1 Response »