Apr 182014

Labor“Well, some women’s bodies just can’t go into labor without pitocin. They just stall in early labor and don’t progress.”

- OB to mother after a medically unnecessary induction.

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 April 18, 2014  induction, OB, pitocin 50 Responses »
Apr 042014

MOSWNoOtherText“You can accept pitocin or I can wheel you into the OR. It’s your choice. I’ll be back in one hour.”

- OB to mother during an induction.

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Mar 172014

Pushing“Oh no, that’s impossible!”

- Midwife to mother having her ninth child when the mother stated that she was feeling the urge to push after half an hour on pitocin.

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Feb 212014

Labor“I am very concerned about the risk of infection and highly recommend you start Pitocin right away.”

- OB to mother one hour after her membranes had spontaneously ruptured.

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Jan 142014

Labor“I will augment your labor. You are a first time mother and will be too tired to push.”

- OB to mother during an interview for a care provider for her pregnancy.

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Dec 042013

MOSWNoOtherText“It’s almost done, so you might as well finish it.”

- L&D nurse to mother requesting that the bag of pitocin that she had refused to begin with be removed from her IV.

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Nov 202013

MOSWNoOtherText“You must be given pitocin after delivery no matter what.”

- OB at prenatal when discussing birth plan at 37 week prenatal.


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Oct 222013

Cesareans“Everything increases the risk of a cesarean section.”

- L&D nurse when the father asked what the risks of pitocin are, and how much it would increase the chance of a cesarean.

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Oct 212013

Labor“I’ve never delivered a baby without pitocin.”

- OB to mother during labor.

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 October 21, 2013  labor, OB, pitocin 28 Responses »
Oct 082013

Labor“Your birth plan looks fine. What I recommend is some pitocin or rupture of membranes to get things moving.”

-  OB ignoring what the birth plan actually stated and the preferences of the mother.

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 October 8, 2013  AROM, Birth Plan, OB, pitocin 10 Responses »