Oct 112013

MOSWNoOtherText“It is illegal in every state to do surgery after 22 weeks gestation unless it’s an emergency and pain is not an emergency. You will just have to deal with the pain for the rest of your pregnancy unless the cyst bursts and becomes life threatening.”

- OB to mother being evaluated for significant pelvic pain at 29 weeks.

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 October 11, 2013  OB, pelvis 17 Responses »
Oct 092013

Labor“There isn’t room in your bony pelvis for the baby.”

- OB to mother.

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 October 9, 2013  OB, pelvis 9 Responses »
Jul 312013

“I thought that you were going to need a cesarean section for sure!”  - OB to mother after her vaginal birth.  The OB felt that the mother’s pelvis was too narrow.

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 July 31, 2013  Cesarean, OB, pelvis 9 Responses »
May 312013

“If you lay on your back and point your bottom up when you’re pushing, it makes your pelvis open easier to get the baby out.” – L&D Nurse to mother during pushing.

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Sep 122012

“You have a narrow pelvic opening and the baby is likely to become stuck.” – OB to mother while trying to encourage her to schedule a cesarean.

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 September 12, 2012  Cesarean, OB, pelvis 21 Responses »
Nov 242011

“Don’t worry,you have a very ample pelvis.” – OB to mother who expressed concern that she was carrying a large baby.

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Nov 172011

“You have the pelvis of a Goddess.” – Midwife to mother who had a very smooth birth.

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Nov 012011

“Your pelvis is like french doors. Your baby is the furniture and you won’t be able to push him out if only one door is open.” – OB to mother

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 November 1, 2011  OB, pelvis, pushing 18 Responses »
Aug 232011

“You seem to have a very small pelvis.” – OB during a vaginal exam at a prenatal visit.

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Jul 082011

“Oh, he’s not engaged…but we are going to lie and say he is!” – OB to mother who was getting ready to be induced.

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 July 8, 2011  induction, OB, pelvis 16 Responses »