Jul 032011

“If I can’t check you, I’m taking no responsibility for what position the baby is in.” – OB to mother at 37 week prenatal who was refusing a vaginal exam.

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Jun 292011

“Don’t be shocked, I’m a bit more generous than the female OBs.” – Male OB to mother just prior to a vaginal exam.

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 June 29, 2011  Cervical exam, OB 36 Responses »
Jun 282011

“If you think that hurts, then you’re definitely going to need an epidural.” – OB during a prenatal vaginal exam.

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Jun 152011

“Open wide. Say Meow!” – Gyn to woman as the Gyn inserted a speculum for a PAP smear.

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Jun 142011

“…And now I’m stripping your membranes.” – OB in response to mother’s statement that she was feeling pain during a 40 week appointment cervical exam.

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May 312011

“Lucky she has an epidural!” – OB after performing a vaginal exam that was so intense it moved the mother’s body up toward the head of the bed.

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May 302011

“Oh honey, don’t put your hand in there. Your vagina is dirty. Only I can can check your cervix without causing an infection.” – L&D nurse to mother who wanted to check her own cervix.

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May 292011

“I’m not sure how you small girls give birth…wait, you should have plenty of room in THERE for the baby.” – OB to mother doing a pelvic exam at 12 weeks of pregnancy.

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May 242011

OB: ” You’re finally 5 centimeters! Let’s get you your

Mother: “I don’t want an epidural.”

Doctor: “Oh, you will.”

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May 162011

“Ten more seconds.” – OB to mother who stated three times that she wanted the doctor’s hands removed and the vaginal exam to stop.

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