Aug 232011

“You seem to have a very small pelvis.” – OB during a vaginal exam at a prenatal visit.

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Aug 192011

“Your bowels feel full. You should have had an enema first.” – OB to mother during a cervical exam in labor.

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Aug 102011

“Well, you’re clean as a whistle!” – OB/GYN upon completing a pap smear.

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Aug 072011

“Someone like you would die from natural labor.” – OB to mother who stated that the vaginal exam at a prenatal hurt.

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Jul 292011

“I am the doctor and you must obey me.” – OB to mother who stated that she did not want IV fluids, continuous fetal monitoring and regular vaginal exams during labor.

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Jul 202011

“Wow, you’re really small down here. It’ll be really difficult for you to have kids!” – Gyn to young woman having her first pelvic exam.

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Jul 192011

“I’m going to recommend you get the epidural now to make it easier on the staff.” – L&D Nurse to mother who stated the vaginal exam during labor was very painful.

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Jul 162011

“What a way to meet each other.” – OB to mother who had never met the doctor before, while simultaneously lifting the sheet to do a vaginal exam.

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Jul 112011

“Well, since you didn’t come in sooner, I’m going to have to palpate your uterus.” – OB to 19 year old mother at 12 weeks gestation. The OB then proceeded to place an ungloved hand into the mother’s vagina and “palpated” the uterus externally with the other hand for several minutes.

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 July 11, 2011  Age, Cervical exam, OB, vagina 78 Responses »
Jul 032011

So, how do you plan on actually having the baby?” – OB to mother after the mother explained that vulvodynia causes extreme pain during internal exams, and her wish to refuse them where possible.

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 July 3, 2011  Cervical exam, OB 16 Responses »