Oct 202011

“If you don’t want a cervical check, you don’t get a cervical check.” – OB to mother while going over birth plan that stated she would prefer not to have cervical exams in labor.

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Oct 152011

“How do you know what a vulva is? Most grown women don’t even know what that is.” – OB/Gyn to 14 year old woman who stated her discomfort from a yeast infection was on her vulva.

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 October 15, 2011  Age, Cervical exam, Gyn, OB, vagina 49 Responses »
Oct 042011

“If you can’t handle this, there’s no way you’re going to push a baby out of there.” – OB to mother who found the vaginal exams conducted during a contraction while in labor to be painful.

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Oct 032011

“I’m dying to get my fingers in there and see how you’re progressing!” – OB to mother who declined a cervical exam.

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Sep 132011

“Do you ever have any problems with your labia?” – OB/GYN about to perform an annual exam. The mother replied that she did not. The doctor then went on to suggest labiaplasty

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 September 13, 2011  Cervical exam, Gyn, OB 54 Responses »
Sep 122011

“If you don’t just stop shaking and let me check you, I am going to walk right out of this room.” – OB to mother in transition with a 30 week pregnancy.

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 September 12, 2011  Cervical exam, OB, transition 35 Responses »
Sep 072011

“I want to try out the new internal doppler! This one is new, and I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet!” – Nurse Practicioner during a prenatal visit, when the mother stated she did not want a vaginal exam and requested the standard doppler be used.

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 September 7, 2011  Cervical exam, prenatal 26 Responses »
Sep 032011

“Then how will we care for you?!” – L&D Nurse to mother who arrived at the hospital 30 minutes before giving birth, in transition and declined to get in the bed and have a cervical exam.

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Aug 232011

“You seem to have a very small pelvis.” – OB during a vaginal exam at a prenatal visit.

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Aug 192011

“Your bowels feel full. You should have had an enema first.” – OB to mother during a cervical exam in labor.

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 August 19, 2011  Cervical exam, OB 38 Responses »