Jul 212014

Labor“You may not get out of bed and walk around. You have to stay in bed.”

- OB to mother while discussing her desire for intermittent monitoring

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Jul 142014

NewbornsOB: “I have never done that before. We have to hold the baby below the mom or the baby could become anemic.”

Mother: “Do you have research on that?”

OB: “No, I don’t have any.”

Mother: “If I bring you studies to read, would you consider altering your practice with me and let me hold the baby while the cord stops pulsing?”

OB: “No. I have never done that before.”

Conversation about delayed cord clamping while the baby is held by the mother.

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Jul 112014

MOSWNoOtherText“If you tear, it will be jagged, and we will have to cut the jagged edges off and then sew it together.”

- OB to mother when discussing episiotomies versus tearing naturally.

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Jul 102014

ThoughtfulThursday“You’re miserable, and you have every right to be.

- OB to mother who delivered a 26 week baby via a cesarean after her water broke and was in pain and emotional.

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Jul 102014

ThoughtfulThursday“That’s totally fine, many women choose to use no pain medication, and you might even see that labor is fun!”

- OB to mother who was discussing her desire for an unmedicated birth.

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Jul 102014

ThoughtfulThursday“Seriously, if you need anything please don’t hesitate to call us. We certainly aren’t going to treat you any differently this time around just because of the diagnosis.”

- OB to mother during the first visit after they found out the baby had a fatal birth defect and wouldn’t survive long after birth. The parents had decided to carry the baby to term despite the diagnosis and received the team’s full support.

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Jul 092014

Labor“The lithotomy position is the safest for the baby.”

- OB to mother who expressed her desire to labor and birth using a variety of positions.

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Jul 082014

MOSWNoOtherText“I love big, smooth labia.”

- OB during a mother’s first prenatal appointment while the mother was having an exam with her feet in the stirrups.

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Jul 032014

Fatness“Do NOT gain so much weight next time, you will never be able to deliver a child bigger than 7 lbs 11oz.”

- OB to mother after a long labor and birth.

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Jul 022014

Homebirths“You know most mammals leave the water to give birth, and up to 1% of infants drown.”

- OB to mother who was transferring care to a midwife and choosing to birth in a birth center.

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