Jun 192014

ThoughtfulThursday“I’ll make sure the nurses stop asking you to give your twins the hep b vaccine. It sounds like you know what you’re talking about, these are your babies and they need to respect that.”

- Neonatologist to mother with twins in the NICU.

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Apr 102014

ThoughtfulThursday“I’ve written out a plan to make sure he gets your breastmilk at all feedings, so you don’t have to worry about what’s happening when you’re not here.”

- NICU nurse comforting a mother about heranxiety that her son would receive formula instead of pumped milk when the mother was not at the hospital.

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Feb 252014

Breastfeeding“If your baby is hungry again an hour after feeding, they aren’t getting enough to eat. You should up their intake or breastfeed longer the next time. I can help you fill out this form to get free formula samples!”

- NICU nurse during group discharge class to mother of a 35 week preemie.

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 February 25, 2014  breastfeeding, NICU 17 Responses »
Feb 182014

Newborns“When you invite somebody to your party, you have to let them dance.”

- Certified Nurse Midwife, in reference to the NICU nurses that took the baby away from the mother immediately at birth, for over 15 minutes, to “make sure” he was okay after being born with a nuchal cord. Baby’s APGAR was 9.

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 February 18, 2014  Midwife, newborn, NICU 23 Responses »
Jan 292014

Breastfeeding“Breasts shaped like yours make less milk.”

 – NICU nurse to mother. She did not offer any further information or help with breastfeeding.

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 January 29, 2014  breastfeeding, NICU 16 Responses »
Dec 262013

ThoughtfulThursday“Tell your wife she has awesome boobs!”

- NICU nurse to father of 3-hour-old newborn whose previously low blood sugar level had increased dramatically following the first successful breastfeed.

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Nov 192013

NICU“I know how you feel about wanting your babies to be home, I have cats.”

- NICU Nurse to parents waiting to be able to bring home their 33 week twins.

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Oct 012013

Newborns“Your blood sugar is 121. If it were 120, we would be fine. Since it is 121, either you get an IV with insulin or your baby goes to the NICU at birth.”

- Health Care Provider to mother.

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Sep 252013

Newborns“Why are you crying, you are so pissy, you are ridiculous, you are making me so mad.”

-NICU Nurse to baby who was crying on the NICU unit.

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 September 25, 2013  L&D Nurse, newborn, NICU 13 Responses »
Sep 102013

“It is to ward off evil spirits.” – NICU nurse to mother who asked what a bottle of formula was doing in her daughter’s bassinet, when the baby was being exclusively fed pumped breastmilk when the mother was not there.

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 September 10, 2013  breastfeeding, newborn, NICU 11 Responses »