Mar 272014

ThoughtfulThursday“I would encourage you to get an epidural so you can get some sleep and be well rested to push when the time comes. I also don’t want you to be too tired to enjoy your little bundle and miss out on very important bonding time.”

- Midwife to a mother who had been stalled at 7 cm for 13 hours and awake for almost 24 hours. 

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Mar 182014

Labor“Oh, we’re gonna give her an epidural so she can rest. You guys should go home. It’ll be at least another six hours.” 

- Certified Nurse Midwife in front of the laboring woman to her doula and support people, when while the mother was working hard in transition.

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Mar 172014

Pushing“Oh no, that’s impossible!”

- Midwife to mother having her ninth child when the mother stated that she was feeling the urge to push after half an hour on pitocin.

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Mar 132014

ThoughtfulThursday “That’s right, you told me that last time. I’ll get the fetoscope.”

- Midwife who took out her doppler and was reminded that the mother didn’t want a doppler used to listen to heart tones. 

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Mar 132014

ThoughtfulThursday“We read your birth plan when they told us you were coming in. We thought we should be prepared.”

- Midwife to mother who arrived very well progressed in labor and birthed an hour later.

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Mar 132014

ThoughtfulThursday“It’s right there! Do you want to touch the head?”

- Midwife to mother who was getting discouraged  during pushing that her baby was not yet born.

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Mar 122014

MOSWNoOtherTextCertified Nurse Midwife : “We’ll see you in a month.:

Mother: “No, my doctor said they wants to see me every two weeks.”

Midwife: “Fine, we can do that, but you won’t get another ultrasound for a month.”

- Certified Nurse Midwife during a prenatal appointment at the maternal fetal medicine practice with a high risk mother.  The CNM assumed the mother was “fishing” for another ultrasound. 

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Mar 062014

ThoughtfulThursday“You did it all on your own, we just watched you be amazing.”

- Midwife to mother after birth.

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Mar 042014

Labor“Oh stop being so silly, it doesn’t hurt. I’m barely even in yet!”

- Midwife during a painful vaginal exam with a mother who had indicated a history of abuse and shared a problem with having exams conducted.

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Feb 272014

ThoughtfulThursday“That’s fine, they don’t really tell us anything anyway. We usually only do them on request.”

–Midwife to mother who stated that she didn’t want any routine cervical exams during pregnancy.

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