Dec 242012

“Don’t worry about it. Think about it- it is sterile, isn’t it? We’ll suction her when she comes out and she will be fine!” – OB Resident to laboring mother who was concerned that there was meconium in the amniotic fluid.

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Mar 262011

“You have five minutes to get him latched on or you will have to give him a bottle.” – NICU nurse to mother who was meeting her baby for the first time, 15 hours after birth, as baby had been immediately taken to the NICU due to the presence of meconium.

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Jan 132010
“Really, but your babies tend to have meconium.” -OB to mother having her sixth child at a 40 week prenatal, trying to schedule an induction, when the mother said she didn’t even want to talk about induction until 41 weeks.
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 January 13, 2010  induction, Meconium, OB, prenatal 8 Responses »