Apr 032014

ThoughtfulThursday“You did great! You should be proud of yourself. You did a huge thing today!”

- L&D Nurse after she drew the blood of a severely needle phobic mother without shaming or rushing her. 

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Mar 262014

Breastfeeding“You know you’re killing that baby by your insistence on trying to breastfeed him, don’t you?”

- Postpartum nurse, as mother pumped at 3am while syringe feeding her 5 day old  the colostrum.

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Mar 242014


- L&D Nurse, to mother when the mother replied that her OB had told her she did not need to watch the “epidural video” as she was planning an umedicated birth.


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 March 24, 2014  epidural, L&D Nurse 9 Responses »
Mar 232014

Cesareans“Do you shave?”

- L&D nurse to mother being prepped for emergent cesarean section for fetal distress. 

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 March 23, 2014  Cesarean, L&D Nurse 23 Responses »
Mar 202014

ThoughtfulThursday“You are amazing, you can do this, you won’t be given more than you can handle. I can’t wait to go home and tell my husband what an awesome birth I attended tonight!”

- L&D nurse to mother

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Mar 192014

Loss“It’s a good thing he’s dead, he would just be a vegetable.”

- L&D nurse as a mother was being put under general anesthesia for an emergency cesarean due to a prolapsed cord.  The baby was not dead and survived without harm.

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 March 19, 2014  Cesarean, L&D Nurse 18 Responses »
Mar 182014

Labor“You’ve made no progress, honey. These contractions just aren’t strong enough and we need to make them stronger before we can get anywhere…”

- L&D Nurse to mother whose contractions were two minutes apart and a minute and a half long, and showing nearly every sign of transition. Dilation had been “stuck” at a 7 for three hours.

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 March 18, 2014  L&D Nurse, labor 9 Responses »
Mar 182014

Labor“It’s a good sign that you’re crying because it means you’ve given up, which is necessary to move into second stage!”

- L&D Nurse to mother who was having a long, difficult transition phase of labor.

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 March 18, 2014  L&D Nurse, pushing 19 Responses »
Mar 162014

Breastfeeding“He is nursing like he was born to breastfeed.”

- Postpartum nurse, commenting on how well the newborn was breastfeeding.

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Mar 102014

Breastfeeding“Every time he makes a sound, she sticks her boob in his mouth. I told her that’s no good!”

- Pediatric Nurse at a 2 month well baby check up.  The nurse was referring to her own daughter and grandson, when talking about nursing to the mother during the visit.

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