Apr 022014

Breastfeeding“No, we can’t use a cup or syringe. She has to drink at least two ounces of formula through a bottle.”

 - Lactation consultant to a mother less than half an hour after birth and only ten minutes of nursing when the baby tested slightly low for blood sugar. The mother asked if they could at least use a cup or syringe to avoid nipple confusion.

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Mar 082014

MOSWNoOtherText“Hem-oh-raaaaajh? Haha, that’s a cute way to say it.”

- Lactation consultant, interrupting a mother recounting her traumatic birth when the mother mispronounced hemorrhage.

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Jan 272014

Breastfeeding“Not that way! You have to hold him THIS way.”

- Lactation consultant to first time mother with large breasts, moving baby out of cross cradle into football hold.

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Dec 292013

Breastfeeding“It’s normal to be in pain….hmmm, I wonder why your nipple has that ridge?”

- Lactation Consultant to mother who had severe pain when nursing her newborn.  The baby was later diagnosed with a lip and tongue tie.

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Oct 022013

Breastfeeding“Your baby isn’t nursing normally because you aren’t making enough milk to interest her. Her tongue tie has nothing to do with it.”

- Lactation Consultant to mother when the baby was a week old and not gaining weight.

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Jul 162013

“Well, you could try formula.” – Lactation Consultant to first time mother in hospital when mother asked if she was breastfeeding correctly.

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May 012013

Oh, all our nurses are Lactation Consultants, you’ll be fine.” –  Hospital staff when mother asked for help with breastfeeding from a lactation consultant..

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Apr 192013

“No, first-time moms can’t nurse like that. You should only do the football hold.” – Lactation consultant to mother when she saw the mother was using a cradle hold to nurse her first child.

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Mar 102013

“Well, you can’t nurse her after she gets teeth, and she won’t stop on her own, so make sure you have some bottles and formula on hand before she’s three months old.” – Lactation Consultant to new mother when the mother said that she planned on breastfeeding until her baby weaned herself.

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Mar 082013

“You’re waiting too long between feedings. You need to feed him more often, and offer both sides with each feeding if you can, or alternate every other feeding otherwise.” – Lactation consultant to mother who had an oversupply and a significant overactive letdown reflex.

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