Oct 172012

“If you don’t come in here right now, I will have to write that you are refusing to be monitored!” – L&D Nurse to mother who had gotten up to go to the bathroom and was sitting on the toilet.

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Oct 162012

“You’ll be in labor for 5 more hours at least.” – OB to mother who birthed 3 hours later.

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 October 16, 2012  birth, labor, OB 17 Responses »
Oct 152012

“Midwives are okay for prenatal visits, but for deliveries they always let the mothers push for like 4 hours until the baby is half dead and then I have to clean up the mess.” – OB sharing her view on midwives with a pregnant patient.

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Oct 132012

“You will probably be sent home, because you are not *booming out* contractions.” – L&D Nurse to mother who arrived in labor.

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 October 13, 2012  contractions, L&D Nurse, labor 15 Responses »
Oct 112012

“You are doing so amazingly. You could be the woman in the video that teaches pregnant women how to do it right.” – Midwife to mother in labor.

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Oct 102012

“Your baby is just too big!” – OB while explaining to a mother in labor why she needed a cesarean section.  Baby ended up only weighing 6lbs 7oz.

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 October 10, 2012  Big Baby, Cesarean, labor, OB 26 Responses »
Oct 092012

“After rupture of membranes, a laboring woman cannot get out of bed. It’s too dangerous to walk around.” – Midwife instructor to a group of nursing students. When asked if this applied to every labor, the answer was yes, and that the baby would die due to cord compression (regardless of whether the head was already engaged or not.)

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Oct 072012

“Let’s put on the internal monitor so you can move around more freely.” – OB to mother during labor.

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 October 7, 2012  Fetal Monitoring, labor, OB 23 Responses »
Oct 062012

“I’m starting to wonder if you’re having a baby or if you are one!” -  L&D nurse to mother who asked to not have an IV after the nurse failed to get the IV line in on her first two attempts.

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 October 6, 2012  L&D Nurse, labor 38 Responses »
Oct 032012

“The baby may be fine now, but she can’t give birth like that!” – Charge nurse speaking to the fact that baby’s heart rate was good when the mother was on hands and knees but the baby had some decelerations when the mother was on her back.

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