Apr 092014

MOSWNoOtherText“If you leave the hospital against medical advice, your baby may die.”

-  Hospital OB to mother whose own obstetrician referred her to hospital for tests and had ordered her discharged after receiving test results. 

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Apr 072014

MOSWNoOtherText“Next week I *will* be stripping your membranes, because if I don’t you won’t go into labor and will be overdue.”

- OB to mother at her 38 week appointment after the mother declined a vaginal exam from a doctor she had just met 5 minutes before.

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Mar 092014

Pushing“Make sure you tell him the baby could die!”

- OB to L&D nurse who was having the father sign the informed refusal form for the mother who had declined antibiotics when she arrived complete and pushing with unknown GBS status.

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Mar 032014

Labor“The students and  residents have every right to be in here during your delivery, and working with you and your child afterwards.  This is a teaching hospital and that’s just something you will have to accept.”

- L&D Nurse to mother who requested that she not be cared for by medical students or residents.

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Mar 012014

Epidurals“Oh, there aren’t any, really.”

- Anesthesiologist to mother who inquired about risks associated with an epidural. No more information was given.

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Feb 192014

Epidurals“You have to watch the video and sign the epidural consent now.”

- OB nurse to mother during a prenatal at 8 weeks, when the mother was suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum (extreme morning sickness) and was vomiting violently while the “consent” video played on.  

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Feb 152014

Pushing“Oh I’m just cutting a small episiotomy.”

- OB to mother during pushing.  These were the first and only words the doctor had spoken to the mother since walking into the room 30 minutes earlier.

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Feb 082014

MOSWNoOtherTextOB: “From now on,  we’ll be testing your thyroid at every appointment.”

Mother: “Why? Is something wrong?!”

OB: “It’s just something we’re going to do.”

OB exits room.

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Feb 062014

 ThoughtfulThursday“You’ve clearly studied the issues. You decide what’s best for you. It’s your body. I shouldn’t even have to say that!”

- Nurse Practitioner to mother who needed to decide on a treatment plan.

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Jan 282014

“We are not asking for your consent; we are informing you that your baby will be given formula as soon as you’re done. His blood sugar is a little lower than we’d like, and colostrum has no glucose in it, so there’s no other way to raise it.”

- L&D nurse to mother in the middle of nursing her 20 minute old baby.

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