Oct 242013

ThoughtfulThursday“You don’t need to worry. You are cleared for your home birth, so go and have that home birth of yours!”

- OB to mother who had surgery for appendicitis at 23 weeks and was worried this might impact her plans for a home birth.

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Oct 092013

AboutHomebirths“I don’t do home births, because birth is too messy.”

- OB to mother, after they were introduced at a social event.

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Sep 192013

ThoughtfulThursday“You’re a great candidate for a home birth!”

- OB to mother when the mother told the OB that she was switching to a homebirth midwife,  14 weeks pregnant with her third child.

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Sep 122013
Your vital signs are great and the fetus is doing just fine. Because your first labor was so fast, I strongly recommend staying home for this one!

–OB to a plus sized, over 35yo mother.

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Aug 072013

L&D Nurse:  “Oh, I haven’t heard of that midwife.”

Mother:  “She does homebirths, so you probably don’t see her much.”

L&D nurse: “Oh, so she’s not a REAL midwife…”

Mother: “She’s a CPM.”

L&D nurse: “Oh…. well she acted very responsibly.”

Mother: “Thanks?”

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Jul 292013

“You can’t have a home birth because when you were 9 you broke your leg and you may not be flexible enough for vaginal delivery.” – OB

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Jul 182013

“She doesn’t seem to need anything from us right now. Could we look over her birth plan one more time?” – Midwife talking to her apprentice at a homebirth as the mother labored.

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Jul 182013

“Since your water has broken, I recommend taking extra Vitamin C supplements, and drink plenty of water. There’s no need to intervene at this time.” –  Midwife to mother who had no signs of labor other than rupture of membranes; baby was born 56 hours later at home.

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Jul 022013

Well, that’s what happens when you’re on call…you have to take any emergency even if you don’t agree with it.” – OB to parents after the parents thanked the OB for the care provided during delivery of a non-emergent home birth transfer.

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Jun 272013

“That’s great that you are planning a home birth. Just let me know whatever I can do for you and your midwife or whatever tests you want.” – Family Practice Doctor to mother.

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