Jul 022014

Homebirths“You know most mammals leave the water to give birth, and up to 1% of infants drown.”

- OB to mother who was transferring care to a midwife and choosing to birth in a birth center.

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Jun 192014

ThoughtfulThursday“Sure! If you are healthy and live close to the hospital, you can have your baby at home!”

- OB’s response when mother informed the OB that she was seeking a midwife for a homebirth.

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Jun 172014

Homebirths“Well, if you’re so afraid of pain, why did you have a homebirth?!”

- OB, when mother asked for a local anesthetic before being stitched up from a 3rd/4th degree rectal tear as a result of a 40 minute labor and a nuchal hand birth that occurred at home.

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 June 17, 2014  Home Birth, OB 24 Responses »
May 122014

AboutHomebirths“You’re being a little bit passive right now.”

- Midwife to home birth mother who had been stuck in transition for hours, during a very long labor.  The only position that was comfortable was squatting in the birthing pool.

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 May 12, 2014  Home Birth, Midwife 10 Responses »
May 082014

ThoughtfulThursday“Home births are the most natural way to have a baby.  I hope you get your birth, but if you need to transfer for any reason I will be more than happy to help you get as close to your dream birth as I can here at the hospital.  I hope I don’t see you later and you have beautiful home birth.”

- OB seeing a mother for a non-stress test.

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May 072014

Cesareans“So are you ready for your cesarean section now?”

- OB to mother every time the OB entered the room.  Baby was not in distress, Mother was a home birth transfer to the hospital due to maternal exhaustion and was sleeping with the help of an epidural. 

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Apr 282014

AboutHomebirthsYou had a home birth!? Yikes, that’s risky. I would NEVER let my girlfriend do that. Not that she would want to…”

- Family medicine resident to woman being seen for bronchitis, while reviewing her medical records.

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Apr 242014

ThoughtfulThursday“For whatever reason, the contractions your body was producing were not strong enough to push back the cervix in the way that was needed. There’s no reason why that should happen again. If you want a home birth next time, there’s no reason that I can see why you couldn’t have a good one.”

- OB to mother who transferred from a home birth and had a vaginal birth in the hospital.

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Apr 102014

ThoughtfulThursday“You had a home birth?  That’s great!  I don’t know why more people don’t do that.”

- Family doctor to mother at child’s 2 month visit.

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Apr 072014

HomebirthsMother transferred in labor from a home birth because she felt her baby turn transverse.

OB: “Who told you the baby was transverse?”

Mother: “Um, me.. I can tell.”

OB: snorts and mumbles something about Google, in a mocking tone under their breath.

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 April 7, 2014  Home Birth, OB 21 Responses »