Jul 212014

Labor“You may not get out of bed and walk around. You have to stay in bed.”

- OB to mother while discussing her desire for intermittent monitoring

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Jun 052014

ThoughtfulThursday“Do what you have to do, I’ll move with you.”

- L&D Nurse to mother who was changing positions frequently while the nurse was holding the monitors on.

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Mar 052014

Loss“Why do you have the monitors off?!?! We can’t keep your baby safe if you don’t leave them on!”

- L&D nurse to a mother laboring with a baby who had passed away and would be stillborn.

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Jan 292014

MOSWNoOtherText“80 beats per minute is perfectly normal for fetal heart rate.”

- OB nurse to mother who presented with lack of fetal movement at 39 weeks gestation.


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Jan 092014

ThoughtfulThursday“Would you mind if I have a listen with the doppler? I won’t do it while you’re working on a contraction; just let me know when would be ok.”

- Midwife to mother during labor.

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Jan 092014

ThoughtfulThursday“Obviously you’re both fine and you’re contracting regularly, we’ll just call this good so you can get back out of bed.”

- L&D nurse about 5 minutes into the ’15 minute’ strip after the monitor belts had been repeatedly moved in a mostly failed attempt to get a consistent read from both fetal and contraction monitors. Baby’s health was not in question.

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Dec 212013

MOSWNoOtherTextOB: “The baby’s heartbeat is gone.”

Mother begins to panic at this information.

OB: “We can’t hear anything with YOUR heartbeat at 160bpm.  You’re making this very hard!”

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Nov 082013

Labor“Stop moving and stay in bed, you’re making the belts slide.”

- L&D Nurse to mother being induced and shaking in pain while getting vomiting.  The nurse was referring to the electronic fetal monitoring belts.

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Apr 072013

“You’re not making this easy, jiggling around. ” Midwife trying to use Doppler while mother was in transition and swaying to cope.

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Dec 192012

“It’s okay dear, you just have a bladder infection. Those pains you’re feeling aren’t contractions, our monitors would have picked that up if they were. It’s just pain from the infection and because you’re dehydrated. You need to go home, drink more fluids and rest.” – L&D nurse to mother who came to the hospital at 24 weeks in labor, but was in the process of being sent home.

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