Jul 032014

Fatness“Do NOT gain so much weight next time, you will never be able to deliver a child bigger than 7 lbs 11oz.”

- OB to mother after a long labor and birth.

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 July 3, 2014  Big Baby, Fatness, OB 32 Responses »
Apr 262014

Fatness”You’ve gained too much weight, don’t you ever want to be a size 6 again?”

- OB to mother.

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 April 26, 2014  Fatness, OB 15 Responses »
Apr 142014

Fatness“Not a chance. The tried-and-true still stands: eat less, move more, and you’ll lose weight.”

- OB in response to mother who inquired as to whether something other than diet and exercise could be causing a weight problem, as the mother was struggling to lose baby weight despite exclusively nursing, eating a very healthy diet, and working out daily.

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 April 14, 2014  Fatness, OB, postpartum 26 Responses »
Mar 262014

Fatness“Still pregnant, then?”

- Family Practice doctor to mother at 8 weeks.  At an earlier appointment, the doctor implied that both the mother and the baby would die due to the mother’s obesity.

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Mar 152014

MOSWNoOtherText“You’re going to gain 50 pounds. That’s a lot. It means you will have to work extra hard to get it off.”

- OB to mother who had extra fluid due to as yet undiagnosed preeclampsia.

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Jan 082014

MOSWNoOtherText“I understand you think that your ‘research’ has led you to make good decisions but you are not the one with the degree and experience. You are an overweight woman who will develop pre-eclampsia if you go any further into this pregnancy, and that’s why I want you in here tomorrow morning when you were scheduled. If you don’t show up we can only assume you are putting your baby’s needs after your own and I will not hesitate to make hospital staff aware that you are a danger to your child. That is not a threat, it is a promise.”

- OB to mother who was not consenting to an induction at 38 weeks 5 days. The mother’s only health issue was obesity.  Blood pressure, labs, gestational diabetes test all were within normal limits.

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Jan 022014

ThoughtfulThursday“So, you’re 215 pounds at 32 weeks; your pregnancy weight gain looks very normal and healthy.”

- OB to larger woman.

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Nov 262013

Fatness“Why are you crying? It’s not like you lost anything. A woman your size has no business being pregnant anyway.”

-ER nurse to an overweight woman suffering the miscarriage of her third child.

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 November 26, 2013  Fatness, pregnancy loss 17 Responses »
Nov 182013

Fatness“You are grossly overweight. I need you to realize that your weight alone means you are probably going to have a cesarean section. Your previous weights in other pregnancies are irrelevant.”

-  OB to mother with two previous uneventful vaginal deliveries and currently now 32 weeks pregnant with her third.

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 November 18, 2013  Cesarean, Fatness, OB 18 Responses »
Nov 142013

ThoughtfulThursday“You look refreshed and beautiful!”

- Midwife greeting mother who had been struggling with body image and rapid weight gain during pregnancy.

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