Jul 112014

MOSWNoOtherText“If you tear, it will be jagged, and we will have to cut the jagged edges off and then sew it together.”

- OB to mother when discussing episiotomies versus tearing naturally.

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 July 11, 2014  episiotomy, OB 26 Responses »
Jun 162014

Pushing“I don’t care what you want, I am cutting.”

- OB to mother who stated that she did not want an episiotomy and preferred to tear.

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 June 16, 2014  episiotomy, OB 26 Responses »
Jun 122014

ThoughtfulThursday“Oh! No one does those anymore!”

- OB to mother when the mother shared during pushing that she did not want an episiotomy.

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 June 12, 2014  episiotomy, OB, pushing 7 Responses »
Mar 172014

MOSWNoOtherText“We can give it a try, but I’d like to avoid what I call “hamburger vagina.”

- OB to mother at first appointment, when the mother shared that she would like to avoid an episiotomy.


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 March 17, 2014  episiotomy, OB, vagina 20 Responses »
Feb 152014

Pushing“Oh I’m just cutting a small episiotomy.”

- OB to mother during pushing.  These were the first and only words the doctor had spoken to the mother since walking into the room 30 minutes earlier.

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 February 15, 2014  episiotomy, informed consent, OB 17 Responses »
Jan 282014

Pushing“You look like you won’t tear, so I’m not going to do an episiotomy.”

- Midwife to mother as mother is pushing.

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 January 28, 2014  episiotomy, Midwife, pushing 59 Responses »
Jan 232014

ThoughtfulThursday” I don’t think so, she’ll stretch.”

- OB to the other OB in attendance who had suggested during pushing that mother needed an episiotomy, after the mother had said that she did not want one.

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Jan 032014

Pushing“I’m just giving you an episiotomy anyway.”

- OB delivering a baby, after the mother clearly stated she did not want an episiotomy and preferred to tear.

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 January 3, 2014  episiotomy, OB 26 Responses »
Nov 062013

Pushing“Not your decision – a cut is easier to stitch than a tear. I need the space for the forceps.”

- OB to mother while cutting an episiotomy while the mother stated that she did not consent.

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Nov 012013

Pushing“Well that’s what she’s doing wrong, no wonder the baby’s not here yet.”

- OB arriving in an L&D room after mother had been pushing for 3 hours.  The OB then proceeded to use forceps and cut an episiotomy without speaking to the mother.

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 November 1, 2013  episiotomy, OB, pushing 16 Responses »