Apr 172014

ThoughtfulThursday “Are you sure you want pain meds? If you are, we will go over your options.”

- Midwife to mother who had asked for pain meds during a contraction. The mother stated at the beginning of labor that she did not want any pain meds.

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Apr 172014

ThoughtfulThursday“If someone walked in the room they would never believe she doesn’t have an epidural.”

- Midwife during a woman’s labor.

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Apr 082014

Epidurals“I don’t deliver without an epidural.”

- OB to laboring mother. 

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Apr 072014

Epidurals“Fine, you can have the epidural. But just so you know, the contractions have to get MUCH worse before it’s time to push.”

- L&D nurse to first time mother who requested an epidural.

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Apr 012014

Labor“I didn’t think you’d feel it.”

- Certified Nurse Midwife to mother, after the mother severely startled when the midwife, without speaking, inserted her fingers for a vaginal exam from behind, while the mother, with an epidural, lay on her side away from the midwife.

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Mar 282014

Epidurals“Ha! We will just have to see about that.”

- OB to mother who stated that she wanted to birth unmedicated, at a prenatal, discussing birth plans.

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Mar 272014

ThoughtfulThursday“I would encourage you to get an epidural so you can get some sleep and be well rested to push when the time comes. I also don’t want you to be too tired to enjoy your little bundle and miss out on very important bonding time.”

- Midwife to a mother who had been stalled at 7 cm for 13 hours and awake for almost 24 hours. 

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Mar 252014

Epidurals“If you can’t hold still, then I’m just going to leave and you won’t get one.”

- Anesthesiologist to mother who was having a difficult time sitting still for the epidural due to the hard contractions coming one right on top of another.

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Mar 242014


- L&D Nurse, to mother when the mother replied that her OB had told her she did not need to watch the “epidural video” as she was planning an umedicated birth.


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Mar 182014

Labor“Oh, we’re gonna give her an epidural so she can rest. You guys should go home. It’ll be at least another six hours.” 

- Certified Nurse Midwife in front of the laboring woman to her doula and support people, when while the mother was working hard in transition.

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