May 202014

MOSWNoOtherText“Because I just didn’t think you were going to go this long. Twins always come early.”

- OB to mother who had PTSD from a previous birth experience and had hired that doctor specifically because of a promise that the doctor would be there for the birth after 36 weeks.  At 38 weeks the doctor announced that s/he was departing for vacation.

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 May 20, 2014  Due Date, OB, Twins 11 Responses »
Apr 192014

Cesareans“I booked you for a cesarean section on your due date because you aren’t making cervical change. Some women just can’t give birth and every day you stay pregnant is risking your baby’s life because you won’t go into labor.”

- OB to mother.

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 April 19, 2014  Cesarean, Due Date, OB 48 Responses »
Apr 022014

MOSWNoOtherText“If you don’t let us induce you, your baby will die!”

– Nurse Practitioner to mother at 42 weeks 2 days.

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Mar 312014

MOSWNoOtherText“The healthiest babies are born at 39 weeks, and the fetal outcome is better at 34 weeks than at 41 weeks!”

- OB to mother at a prenatal.

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Mar 302014

MOSWNoOtherText“40 weeks is post dates, 41 weeks is extremely post dates, and nobody goes 42 weeks.”

- OB to mother.

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Nov 272013

MOSWNoOtherText“Waiting 2 extra days for an ultrasound would be EXTREMELY dangerous for the baby!”

- Radiologist to mother  at 40 week ultrasound, recommending another scan in 3 days.  The mother wanted to wait another two days due to observance of a religious holiday. The only reason was being past her due date.

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 November 27, 2013  Due Date, Ultrasound 10 Responses »
Nov 222013

Loss“Well, that doesn’t help me at all!”

- Ultrasound tech when the tech asked the mother for her LMP and the mother stated that her doctor had decided to use her ovulation date to calculate the due date  because her last period was two pregnancies ago.  The mother had miscarried and got pregnant again without a period.

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 November 22, 2013  Due Date, Ultrasound 38 Responses »
Nov 072013

ThoughtfulThursday“I thought I would let you know that we do not induce here unless absolutely necessary so no need to worry that we’ll be scheduling a cesarean. Your baby will come when it wants to come and needs those last few weeks in there!”

- OB to mother at first prenatal appointment when the mother was asking questions about the practice.  

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Jul 112013

“So, we need to talk about what happens if you go past your due date. Why don’t I run you through what we normally do and you can tell me how that fits what you want and if we need to tweak anything.” – Midwife to mother who did not want any interventions if and when she got to her due date.

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Jul 102013

OB: “Oh, you won’t make it to 42 weeks.”

Mother: “Why not?”

OB: “We don’t let VBACs go past 40 weeks. The rupture rate increases to 2% after 40 weeks. We have to think of our liabilities and the safety of our patients.”

Mother: “That sounds awfully unfair. Women don’t even get a chance to go into labor

OB: “I’m not trying to be unfair, that’s just our practice’s policy.”

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