Mar 252014

Epidurals“If you can’t hold still, then I’m just going to leave and you won’t get one.”

- Anesthesiologist to mother who was having a difficult time sitting still for the epidural due to the hard contractions coming one right on top of another.

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Dec 162013

LaborYour contractions are so unimpressive. The doctor will never keep you like this unless you agree to pitocin.”

– L&D nurse in triage, before the mother had been examined or admitted. 

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 December 16, 2013  contractions, L&D Nurse 14 Responses »
Dec 162013

Labor“Stop whining, there’s nothing wrong with you!”

- L&D Nurse to mother during a contraction.

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 December 16, 2013  contractions, L&D Nurse, labor 13 Responses »
Nov 082013

Labor“Stop being such a damn drama queen! You’ll never be able to handle giving birth if you carry on like this!”

- OB to mother who was experiencing a painful contraction during a vaginal exam.

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Oct 232013

Labor“Let’s go ahead and get her discharge papers since she isn’t being cooperative.”

- OB to L&D nurse when the mother did not reply to the OB, because she was having a contraction and couldn’t talk.

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 October 23, 2013  contractions, L&D Nurse, labor, OB 15 Responses »
Oct 222013

Labor“You obviously aren’t in real labor or you’d be freaking out between contractions.”

- OB when mother arrived at the hospital in labor after her water broke. 

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 October 22, 2013  contractions, labor, OB 24 Responses »
Sep 272013

Epidurals“If you don’t hurry up and finish your contraction I’m not doing this.”

- Anesthesiologist to mother, while trying to place an epidural during strong contractions.

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Jun 122013

“I was asking the patient, not you.” – OB to midwife after a non-emergent home birth transfer.  The doctor had asked the laboring woman about her labor while the woman was vocalizing loudly through a contraction..  The midwife attempted to hand the doctor the labor records for more information.

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May 312013

“When you zone out and relax that much, it makes the contractions less strong, and they don’t progress as well as they should.” – L&D Nurse to mother who was trying to relax and be calm during the contractions.

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Apr 142013

‘This isn’t vacation, honey.  It’s labor!”- L&D nurse to mother on arrival, who was vocalizing through contractions.  The mother had transferred from a home birth and already had a long and hard labor prior to being admitted.

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