May 132014

Cesareans“Well you didn’t really labor very much.”

- Certified Nurse Midwife to mother who had a repeat cesarean after a 25 hour long trial of labor.

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 May 13, 2014  Cesarean, CNM, labor, Midwife, VBAC 7 Responses »
May 012014

ThoughtfulThursday“Well, nothing is illegal here. You can do this however you want.”

- Certified Nurse Midwife to mother having a VBAC.

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Apr 232014

Loss“I can’t call in progesterone just based on your say so. You’ll have to wait until we can do bloodwork at your appointment.”

- Certified Nurse Midwife to mother requesting  progesterone early on in a pregnancy after previous losses.

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 April 23, 2014  CNM, Midwife, pregnancy loss 56 Responses »
Apr 152014

Loss“You have such difficult pregnancies. All this back and forth to have a baby is ridiculous. I think you should just get fixed and then we won’t ever have to deal with this again.”

- Certified Nurse Midwife to mother at six week postpartum  The mother had lost her twins in a previous pregnancy and had just given birth to her next child after a complicated pregnancy.

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Apr 012014

Labor“I didn’t think you’d feel it.”

- Certified Nurse Midwife to mother, after the mother severely startled when the midwife, without speaking, inserted her fingers for a vaginal exam from behind, while the mother, with an epidural, lay on her side away from the midwife.

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Mar 182014

Labor“Oh, we’re gonna give her an epidural so she can rest. You guys should go home. It’ll be at least another six hours.” 

- Certified Nurse Midwife in front of the laboring woman to her doula and support people, when while the mother was working hard in transition.

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Mar 122014

MOSWNoOtherTextCertified Nurse Midwife : “We’ll see you in a month.:

Mother: “No, my doctor said they wants to see me every two weeks.”

Midwife: “Fine, we can do that, but you won’t get another ultrasound for a month.”

- Certified Nurse Midwife during a prenatal appointment at the maternal fetal medicine practice with a high risk mother.  The CNM assumed the mother was “fishing” for another ultrasound. 

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 March 12, 2014  CNM, Midwife, prenatal 12 Responses »
Jan 192014

Breastfeeding“Don’t be surprised if you can’t make enough milk to feed your baby.”

- Certified Nurse Midwife to small breasted woman at a second trimester prenatal appointment. 

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Jan 022014

ThoughtfulThursday“Go home, sleep, let your labor come on its own instead of forcing it. Then you’ll be rested for labor.”

- Certified Nurse Midwife to mother whose labor had not yet turned the corner yet.

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Dec 262013

ThoughtfulThursday“Oh, we do that automatically. I did my research on that when I went to school 30 years ago.”

- Certified Nurse Midwife to mother who asked for delayed cord clamping.

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