Feb 252014

Newborns“Circumcision, Yes?  No? Well, you have plenty of time to think about that.”

- Physician’s assistant at a prenatal intake, after the mother answered that they would not be circumcising a boy.

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 February 25, 2014  circumcision, prenatal 22 Responses »
Dec 042013

Circumcision“We use the ‘no-cutting and pain free’ version of circumcision.”

- OB referring to the plastibell method of circumcision, when inquiring when the parents would be circumcising their newborn son.

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 December 4, 2013  circumcision, newborn, OB 37 Responses »
Nov 252013

Newborns“You can’t discharge them! They haven’t had him circumcised yet!”

- L&D Nurses discussing the discharge preparations for a mother-baby couplet, when the parents had already repeatedly declined circumcision.

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 November 25, 2013  circumcision, L&D Nurse, newborn 68 Responses »
Sep 282013

Circumcision“Your son urinated during surgery, I noticed it went to the side so I examined it. His foreskin wouldn’t retract which means he has phimosis, would you like me to circumcise him?”

-Pediatric surgeon to Mother after performing hernia surgery on a 3 month old boy.

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 September 28, 2013  circumcision, newborn 17 Responses »
Jul 122013

“He needs to be hospitalized, IV antibiotics, and emergency circumcision.” – Pediatrician to mother who brought in her toddler for a suspected infection.

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Jul 092013

“We can test his urine but he doesn’t have a UTI. He needs a circumcision.” – Pediatrician to mother of 23 month old boy.

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Jun 102013

“It’s just a natural circumcision!” -  Pediatrican to parents, when they asked about the appearance of their newborn baby’s penis.  It was a hypospadias and baby went on to have a surgical repair.

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Mar 242013

“Don’t forget to circumcise him, so he looks like daddy.” – OB to mother, over her shoulder, as the OB was leaving the exam room after a quick late pregnancy prenatal appointment week.

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 March 24, 2013  circumcision, OB, prenatal 59 Responses »
Feb 252013

Doctor: “Are you having your babies circumcised?”

Mother: “No”

Doctor: “Do you want more information on it?”

Mother: “No”

Doctor looking over the mother’s head at her husband: “Do YOU want more information on it?”

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 February 25, 2013  circumcision 50 Responses »
Nov 032012

“Not circumcising is just gross.” – Childbirth educator during a childbirth class.

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