Jun 182014

MOSWNoOtherText“I’ve read that in layman’s books.”

- Pediatrician to mother while discussing the mother’s two year old son’s intact penis.  The mother had stated that she did not know if the foreskin could be retracted yet, and that it might not be unusual for retraction to not occur until approaching puberty.

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Apr 282014

Newborns“Well there goes my paycheck.”

- Doctor’s comment when the doctor was informed that none of the boys born that day were being circumcised.

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Feb 252014

Newborns“Circumcision, Yes?  No? Well, you have plenty of time to think about that.”

- Physician’s assistant at a prenatal intake, after the mother answered that they would not be circumcising a boy.

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Dec 042013

Circumcision“We use the ‘no-cutting and pain free’ version of circumcision.”

- OB referring to the plastibell method of circumcision, when inquiring when the parents would be circumcising their newborn son.

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Nov 252013

Newborns“You can’t discharge them! They haven’t had him circumcised yet!”

- L&D Nurses discussing the discharge preparations for a mother-baby couplet, when the parents had already repeatedly declined circumcision.

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Sep 282013

Circumcision“Your son urinated during surgery, I noticed it went to the side so I examined it. His foreskin wouldn’t retract which means he has phimosis, would you like me to circumcise him?”

-Pediatric surgeon to Mother after performing hernia surgery on a 3 month old boy.

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Jul 122013

“He needs to be hospitalized, IV antibiotics, and emergency circumcision.” – Pediatrician to mother who brought in her toddler for a suspected infection.

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Jul 092013

“We can test his urine but he doesn’t have a UTI. He needs a circumcision.” – Pediatrician to mother of 23 month old boy.

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Jun 102013

“It’s just a natural circumcision!” -  Pediatrican to parents, when they asked about the appearance of their newborn baby’s penis.  It was a hypospadias and baby went on to have a surgical repair.

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Mar 242013

“Don’t forget to circumcise him, so he looks like daddy.” – OB to mother, over her shoulder, as the OB was leaving the exam room after a quick late pregnancy prenatal appointment week.

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