Feb 242014

Cesareans“You’re at risk for a cesarean section always, until I get the baby out.”

- Midwife to mother in a normal active labor, when the mother asked if she was at risk for a cesarean section.

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 February 24, 2014  Cesarean, Midwife 118 Responses »
Feb 242014

Epidurals“Will you be getting an epidural? If you get a cesarean section then you’re getting an epidural before we cut you.”

- Midwife to a first time mother at her FIRST prenatal appointment.

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 February 24, 2014  Cesarean, epidural, Midwife, prenatal 25 Responses »
Feb 182014

Cesareans“He’s too big to be born vaginally. You should consider an early cesarean section. He’s too big to come out.”

- OB to mother, after the OB just finished explaining how inaccurate fetal weight assessment is.

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 February 18, 2014  Big Baby, Cesarean, OB 14 Responses »
Feb 172014

Cesareans“Are ya poopin’?”

- L&D Nurse walking in on mother trying to use the toilet, naked, after being bedridden for four days following a cesarean section.


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 February 17, 2014  Cesarean, L&D Nurse, Poop, postpartum 13 Responses »
Feb 172014

Cesareans“It’s okay – you were never going to win Miss Bikini America anyway.”

- OB removing the staples on a mother’s horizontal and vertical scars after an emergency cesarean section.

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 February 17, 2014  Cesarean, OB 21 Responses »
Feb 042014

Pushing“It seems that you aren’t built to birth vaginally and I don’t feel comfortable letting you labor naturally. I am going to book you a section for 40 weeks so we don’t end up with a dead baby.”

- OB to mother at 34 weeks, referring to a shoulder dystocia in her first birth.

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 February 4, 2014  Cesarean, OB, pushing 26 Responses »
Feb 032014

Cesareans“You have uterine atrophy and your uterus is tired after three babies.”

-  OB to mother, as the OB recommended a cesarean section with any future babies.

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 February 3, 2014  Cesarean, OB 20 Responses »
Jan 122014


“Are you okay? It looks like you fell asleep!”

- Postpartum Nurse to mother after a long labor that ended in cesarean. 


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 January 12, 2014  Cesarean, L&D Nurse, postpartum 17 Responses »
Jan 112014

Cesareans“We’d like to schedule a cesarean section for 41 weeks, so that your pregnancy has an end point.”

- OB to mother.

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 January 11, 2014  Cesarean, OB 33 Responses »
Jan 072014

Cesareans“Ah, breech twins, let’s book you into a section then.”

- OB immediately upon learning the most recent ultrasound showed breech twins.

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 January 7, 2014  breech, Cesarean, OB, Twins, Ultrasound 19 Responses »