Jun 192014

ThoughtfulThursday“Why are you prepping for a cesarean section? Can’t you see her pushing?”

- OB to the L&D nurses after the nurses gave up on the mother and were talking amongst themselves as she was pushing. Baby was born vaginally 30 minutes later.

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Jun 122014

ThoughtfulThursday“I want you to know that I may have to do a vertical incision to get the baby out. I know you will want a VBAC next time, so I will try my best to do a horizontal incision.”

- OB right before an emergency cesarean section at 35 weeks due to pre-eclampsia. 

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Jun 032014

Labor“If you don’t stop making all that noise, I’m going to have no options except to cut you open. You need to focus more.”

- OB to mother vocalizing without pain medication.

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 June 3, 2014  Cesarean, labor, OB 19 Responses »
Jun 022014

Newborns“Skin to skin contact is selfish.  Babies could have it with the doctor or nurse or stranger in the hallway and it would make no difference.”

- OB to mother who asked for skin to skin during her cesarean birth.

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May 292014

ThoughtfulThursday“Yes you can. You are talking to me.”

- Anesthesiologist to mother who said that she couldn’t breathe as a result of the spinal during the cesarean.  When the doctor said this, she felt better and realized she was breathing.

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May 292014

ThoughtfulThursday“You’re a pro at this! You should have twelve!”

- L&D nurse after mother birthed vaginally while being prepped for a cesarean section for prolonged labor at 9.5 cm.

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May 272014

Cesareans“The best way to protect the pelvic floor is to do a cesarean section before the baby drops because once it drops it’s too late; the damage has been done.”

- OB to a mother when she asked about what measures would be taken to prevent pelvic floor damage during labor. 

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May 222014

ThoughtfulThursday“Well I knew this was so far from what you had wanted that it’d be nice for you to have a familiar face.”

- OB who was NOT on call,but  came in early morning to perform an emergency cesarean on his/her patient for placental abruption.

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May 132014

Cesareans“Well you didn’t really labor very much.”

- Certified Nurse Midwife to mother who had a repeat cesarean after a 25 hour long trial of labor.

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 May 13, 2014  Cesarean, CNM, labor, Midwife, VBAC 7 Responses »
May 102014

Cesareans“Let’s check your incision!”

- Postpartum nurse to mother the day after she delivered a 10 1/2 lb baby vaginally.

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