Mar 202014

ThoughtfulThursday“I’m so sorry to have to do a cesarean section. I know you could birth him naturally even though he’s breech, but there is no way the hospital will let us do that.”

- OB when the mother’s water broke at 35 weeks and baby was full breech.

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Feb 132014

ThoughtfulThursday“Babies are smart. They know how to be born. If I thought the hospital was safer for you and your daughter, I’d tell you. Call if you need my help.”

- OB who supported the mother’s midwives in helping her to deliver a 10.5 pound breech baby at home. 

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Jan 232014

ThoughtfulThursday“You can get poked with needles, get your back adjusted, try yoga or positional therapy. These are all wonderful, appropriate treatment options to get this baby to turn. You have plenty of time, and if none of those work we can discuss manually turning him or a breech delivery at your 36 week checkup.”

- OB to mother at a 25 week prenatal appointment.

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Jan 072014

Cesareans“Ah, breech twins, let’s book you into a section then.”

- OB immediately upon learning the most recent ultrasound showed breech twins.

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Nov 212013

ThoughtfulThursday“I know this wasn’t what you planned. But we can still try to follow as much of your birth plan as possible.”

- OB to mother who was facing a cesarean after a failed external cephalic  version.

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Sep 292013

MOSWNoOtherText“You know, everyone outside already saw your hoo ha.”

- L&D Nurse to mother who preferred to take a shower without assistance.  The mother had birthed her footling breech, premature baby in the front seat of her car in front of the Emergency Department entrance.

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 September 29, 2013  breech, L&D Nurse, vagina 31 Responses »
Jun 292013

“In my experience babies who are breech now will stay that way until the end of pregnancy.  Are you scheduling a cesarean section?” – Ultrasound Tech during ultrasound at 31 weeks to check for intrauterine growth restriction.

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Jun 122013

“A few years ago we would have let you birth breech, but on the small chance of something going wrong, we couldn’t afford to be sued.” – Family Practice doctor to mother who had a cesarean for her breech baby.

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Jun 112013

“The baby is being compressed in ways that he shouldn’t be.” –  Family Practice doctor recommending an urgent cesarean to mother in labor whose baby was breech.

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May 222013

“If you would have come here in labor and declined a cesarean, I would have gotten a court order to declare you unfit to make medical decisions.” – OB to mother who had wanted a vaginal birth for her breech baby.

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