Apr 242014

ThoughtfulThursday “We know you don’t need our help, we just wanted to come by and meet the mom nursing twins that everyone has been talking about.”

- Hospital lactation consultant to new mother.


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Apr 212014

Breastfeeding“Your crying is making your milk sour. No wonder he won’t breastfeed.”

- Postpartum nurse to mother 23 hours after a cesarean.

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Apr 132014

Breastfeeding“If you think that hurts, wait until you breastfeed!”

- L&D nurse to mother who yelped during the L&D nurse’s massage of her uterus postpartum. 

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Apr 102014

ThoughtfulThursday“I’ve written out a plan to make sure he gets your breastmilk at all feedings, so you don’t have to worry about what’s happening when you’re not here.”

- NICU nurse comforting a mother about heranxiety that her son would receive formula instead of pumped milk when the mother was not at the hospital.

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Apr 082014

Breastfeeding“Breastfeeding after 6 months is unnecessary. Mothers who do have mental issues and anxious children.”

- Nurse Practitioner at pediatrician’s office.

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Apr 022014

Breastfeeding“No, we can’t use a cup or syringe. She has to drink at least two ounces of formula through a bottle.”

 - Lactation consultant to a mother less than half an hour after birth and only ten minutes of nursing when the baby tested slightly low for blood sugar. The mother asked if they could at least use a cup or syringe to avoid nipple confusion.

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Mar 292014

MOSWNoOtherText“You should take him off your breastmilk and give him soy formula immediately.”

- Pediatrician to mother who brought her 13 month old to the doctor over concerns of vomiting and diarrhea.

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Mar 262014

Breastfeeding“You know you’re killing that baby by your insistence on trying to breastfeed him, don’t you?”

- Postpartum nurse, as mother pumped at 3am while syringe feeding her 5 day old  the colostrum.

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Mar 192014

Breastfeeding“Breast milk has no value past one year of age.”

- Hospital nutritionist.

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Mar 162014

Breastfeeding“He is nursing like he was born to breastfeed.”

- Postpartum nurse, commenting on how well the newborn was breastfeeding.

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