Jun 122014

ThoughtfulThursday“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of him, you get some sleep.”

- Postpartum nurse to mother who was crying while struggling with pumping and feeding and soothing her newborn who was born with a cleft palate and could not nurse.

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Jun 052014

ThoughtfulThursday“Well, mother’s milk is the best thing to cure that!”

- Family Practice Doctor to mother when discussing infant with a cold.

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May 272014

Breastfeeding“You know you don’t have to do that anymore, right?”

- Pediatrician in a condescending tone at 18 month well child check up, after the mother said she was still breastfeeding.

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May 272014

Breastfeeding“Are you sure you haven’t supplemented him with formula?”

- Hospital nurse to a first time mother with an exclusively breastfed baby during a weight check.

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May 012014

ThoughtfulThursday“That’s great! It’s perfectly fine to continue nursing while pregnant.”

- Family Practice doctor to mother.

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Apr 242014

ThoughtfulThursday “We know you don’t need our help, we just wanted to come by and meet the mom nursing twins that everyone has been talking about.”

- Hospital lactation consultant to new mother.


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Apr 212014

Breastfeeding“Your crying is making your milk sour. No wonder he won’t breastfeed.”

- Postpartum nurse to mother 23 hours after a cesarean.

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Apr 132014

Breastfeeding“If you think that hurts, wait until you breastfeed!”

- L&D nurse to mother who yelped during the L&D nurse’s massage of her uterus postpartum. 

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Apr 102014

ThoughtfulThursday“I’ve written out a plan to make sure he gets your breastmilk at all feedings, so you don’t have to worry about what’s happening when you’re not here.”

- NICU nurse comforting a mother about heranxiety that her son would receive formula instead of pumped milk when the mother was not at the hospital.

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Apr 082014

Breastfeeding“Breastfeeding after 6 months is unnecessary. Mothers who do have mental issues and anxious children.”

- Nurse Practitioner at pediatrician’s office.

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