Jul 092011

“Stop crying! Now just settle down and stop crying.” – Postpartum nurse to mother who birthed a baby who had passed away during labor.

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Nov 182010

“This will be a healing birth for you!” – Midwife to mother who had experienced a very upsetting previous birth experience.

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Oct 122010

“Don’t bother. She’s been like this since she came in.” -Anesthesiologist to nurse trying to comfort a distraught mother just prior to an urgent cesarean.

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Dec 132009

“That’s what 8-9 cms sounds like”. Midwife said to first time mom upon her arrival at the birth center, where there was a laboring woman screaming next door.

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 December 13, 2009  Birth Trauma, Midwife 12 Responses »
Nov 242009

“Oh, its okay, well sew you new butthole” -OB to mother who suffered a 4th degree tear

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 November 24, 2009  birth, Birth Trauma, OB 8 Responses »
Nov 182009

“I’m used to dressing the ones that wriggle”. -Certified Nurse Midwife to family dressing a baby born still.

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Sep 192009

“You had a $500 response to a $5 problem.” ~Midwife after mother told her about trauma memories during her home birth.

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 September 19, 2009  Birth Trauma, Midwife 3 Responses »