May 082014

ThoughtfulThursday“Do you have a birth plan that you would like me to read?”

- L&D nurse to patient while getting her settled in the Labor and Delivery room.

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Apr 162014

Cesareans“Most women who have a birth plan for natural birth end up having a cesarean section.”

- OB to mother when discussing the need for a birth plan.

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Mar 282014

Epidurals“Ha! We will just have to see about that.”

- OB to mother who stated that she wanted to birth unmedicated, at a prenatal, discussing birth plans.

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Feb 142014

MOSWNoOtherText“Water births are disgusting and completely unhygienic. Nobody around here offers those.”

 - OB to pregnant mother when asked about water births while discussing birth options. Comment was made complete with sour face.

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Jan 302014

ThoughtfulThursday“This is excellent! So helpful! I’m so glad you wrote this!”

- L&D Nurse to mother upon receiving the mother’s birth plan.

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Dec 192013

ThoughtfulThursday“You want a birth plan that works?  Don’t show up at the hospital until you are in the throes of active labor.  That’s how you can be sure you’ll be left alone if I’m not the one on call.”

- OB to mother when discussing birth plans at a prenatal appointment.

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Nov 212013

ThoughtfulThursday“I know this wasn’t what you planned. But we can still try to follow as much of your birth plan as possible.”

- OB to mother who was facing a cesarean after a failed external cephalic  version.

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Nov 202013

Labor“You are trying to tie my hands and keeping me from doing my job.”

OB to mother while going over the mother’s birth plan.

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Nov 202013

Cesareans“Nothing will go as you planned and you will probably end up with a cesarean because you made a birth plan.”

-OB to mother at prenatal when going over birth plan.

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 November 20, 2013  Birth Plan, Cesarean, OB 14 Responses »
Nov 182013

Cesareans“And then these women come in here with these birth plans- they squat around the room and poop in the corners.”

-  OB  sharing their opinion of “natural birth” women to potential patient during an interview.

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 November 18, 2013  Birth Plan, OB 38 Responses »