Jul 032014

Fatness“Do NOT gain so much weight next time, you will never be able to deliver a child bigger than 7 lbs 11oz.”

- OB to mother after a long labor and birth.

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 July 3, 2014  Big Baby, Fatness, OB 32 Responses »
Jun 292014

MOSWNoOtherText“But what if you have a 10 pound baby? You’re only 4’11″, you won’t be able to give birth to a 10 pound baby.”

- OB to mother with gestational diabetes at 35 week appointment, advocating for induction at 38/39 weeks, “just in case” the baby was “too big.” This was the first time meeting this OB.

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 June 29, 2014  Big Baby, induction, OB 43 Responses »
Jun 162014

Pushing“That is a huge head!”

- OB commenting to mother during pushing.

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May 152014

ThoughtfulThursday“Baby is doing great, I see no reason to send you for an induction today!”

-Perinatologist going over Biophysical Profile with mother who was 41.5 weeks pregnan,t after telling her that the baby was measuring at 9-10 pounds.

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May 102014

Cesareans“Let’s check your incision!”

- Postpartum nurse to mother the day after she delivered a 10 1/2 lb baby vaginally.

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Feb 182014

Cesareans“He’s too big to be born vaginally. You should consider an early cesarean section. He’s too big to come out.”

- OB to mother, after the OB just finished explaining how inaccurate fetal weight assessment is.

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 February 18, 2014  Big Baby, Cesarean, OB 14 Responses »
Jan 022014

ThoughtfulThursday- OB to mother who pushed her baby out in one hour.

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Dec 182013

Newborns“I have heard that when a child is either 12 lbs. or 12 weeks old that he should be capable of sleeping through the night. It worked with both of my children. They cried it out for 3 nights and then they were happier! So, since you had a big baby who was over 10 lbs., you don’t have to wait too long to get a good night’s sleep!”

- OB to mother immediately after the birth.

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 December 18, 2013  Big Baby, newborn, OB 26 Responses »
Dec 162013

MOSWNoOtherText“I’m not saying you’ll HAVE to have a cesarean section, but we’re really going to need to monitor the baby’s weight at the end.”

- OB to mother at 8 week ultrasound.  The mother had a history of 4 previous vaginal births and her last baby had easily resolved sticky shoulders and weighed 8 pounds 3 ounces.

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 December 16, 2013  Big Baby, Cesarean, OB, Ultrasound 15 Responses »
Dec 152013

Newborns“You’ll need to supplement with formula because your baby is so big.”

- Pediatrician to mother of a 10 pound newborn.

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