Apr 302014

Labor“Something is keeping the baby in. It should be out by now! I’m going to check you and see if maybe you need a little help.”

- OB to mother four hours after breaking her water for an induction.

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 April 30, 2014  AROM, induction, OB 10 Responses »
Apr 142014

Labor“No, you can’t get up after we break your water. You have to stay in the bed. The cord can prolapse!”

- L&D nurse to a mother trying to have a natural birth and desperately wanted to squat and pace through contractions

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 April 14, 2014  AROM, L&D Nurse, labor 20 Responses »
Mar 042014

Labor“But then we’ll be here ALL DAY!”

- OB, with wild flinging of arms into the air,  in response to the suggestion that breaking the bag of water be delayed until a mother being induced  continued to dilate more then the current 2 CM of dilation she was at.

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 March 4, 2014  AROM, induction, OB 23 Responses »
Feb 252014

MOSWNoOtherText“Magic wand.”

- OB to mother prior to artificially rupturing her membranes, when the mother asked how an amniotomy is performed.

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 February 25, 2014  AROM, OB 20 Responses »
Oct 312013

ThoughtfulThursday“I don’t want to break your water. The head’s not engaged. I did that once and the cord prolapsed and I DON’T want that to happen again!”

-  OB to mother in early labor.

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 October 31, 2013  AROM, OB, Thoughtful Thursdays 3 Responses »
Oct 152013

Labor“Oh, they don’t really have any cushion in labor anyway.”

- OB to mother, after the mother membranes ruptured without consent, after she had stated that she wanted them left intact to provide a cushion for the baby.

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 October 15, 2013  AROM, informed consent, OB 12 Responses »
Oct 082013

Labor“Your birth plan looks fine. What I recommend is some pitocin or rupture of membranes to get things moving.”

-  OB ignoring what the birth plan actually stated and the preferences of the mother.

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 October 8, 2013  AROM, Birth Plan, OB, pitocin 10 Responses »
Oct 072013

Labor“Oh, that is just a pressure catheter.”

-OB to mother when she asked what was being inserted in her vagina.  She had only consented to having her membranes ruptured. 

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Sep 162013

“Who is that guy?  Get him out of here.”

- OB ‘ first words immediately upon entering an L&D room to break the mother’s water.  The mother’s husband was dozing lightly near the mother.

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 September 16, 2013  AROM, labor, OB 20 Responses »
May 242013

“ARM – agreed.” – Chart notes from labor. (ARM- artificial rupture of membranes.) Both the mother and her husband recall the mother screaming no repeatedly when the doctor proceeded without consent.i

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