Apr 152014

MOSWNoOtherText“You were told to take off all your clothes! Take off your socks RIGHT NOW!”

- Gyn to young woman there for her first pelvic exam.

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 April 15, 2014  Age, Cervical exam, Gyn 33 Responses »
Apr 152014

MOSWNoOtherText“No, don’t be silly. You’re not a baby and your mother can’t come back here. You don’t need her.”

- OB/Gyn to 14 year old being seen for a GYN problem who asked if her mother could be brought into the room to support her during a pelvic exam.

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 April 15, 2014  Age, Cervical exam, Gyn 74 Responses »
Jan 062014

MOSWNoOtherText“If you don’t want strangers looking in your vagina, you’re not mature enough to have a baby.”

- OB to mother who inquired as to why a vaginal exam was ‘required’ every six weeks during pregnancy.

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 January 6, 2014  Age, Cervical exam, OB, prenatal 40 Responses »
Dec 182013

MOSWNoOtherText“Okay, I’ll let you slide this time, but if you keep refusing exams, I won’t be able to prescribe you birth control. If I want to do a pap next year and you refuse, I can’t keep giving you birth control.”

- Gyn to a 17 year old young woman getting birth control for the first time, after she refused a “routine” breast exam. 

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 December 18, 2013  Age, birth control, Gyn 16 Responses »
Dec 172013


RoundedSpeechBubbleRadiologist filling in an X-ray request…

Radiologist: “Any chance you could be pregnant?”

18 year old woman: “Nope”

Radiologist: “Are you sure?”

Woman: “Yes.”

Radiologist: “How do you know?”

Woman: “Well, apart from the fact I’m on the pill, I use the most effective contraception known to man.”

Radiologist: “Oh yeah. What’s that then?”

Woman: “Abstinence.”


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 December 17, 2013  Age, birth control 12 Responses »
Nov 152013

Loss“Well, you’ve had a miscarriage. But this wasn’t a planned pregnancy anyway, right?”

- ER doctor to a pregnant teenager. 

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 November 15, 2013  Age, pregnancy loss 16 Responses »
Nov 092013

Labor“You know they have to leave once the doctor gets here right”

- L&D Nurse to first time mother who was shaking and scared, talking about the mother’s support team.

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 November 9, 2013  Age, L&D Nurse, labor 12 Responses »
Oct 272013

LaborWe are not “inducing” your labor! We are merely suggesting that you “augment” it!

- Ob, 2 L&D nurses and anesthesiologist to very young, very scared first time mother whose biggest fear was a cesarean section.

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May 062013

“I didn’t think *you* would be doing *that*.” – Midwife to young mother, when the mother woke up in the hospital room to the midwife feeding the baby formula.  The midwife said this after the young mother stated she was breastfeeding.

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Apr 222013

Mother:  “I don’t want the shot for this miscarriage. My husband and I are both RH negative. The ER midwife assured me it wasn’t necessary.”

OB- “I think it’s a good idea. Besides are you sure he is even the the father? Most young girls don’t know.”

Mother: “Yes 100% I’ve only been with him.”

OB- “Okay whatever you say. I am giving you birth control.”

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