May 012013

“I can’t find your cervix. You’ll need an ultrasound.” – Gynecologist when the mother went in to have her IUD checked.

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  17 Responses to ““I Can’t Find Your Cervix…””

  1. “I’ll need another doctor with longer fingers to come in here and find my cervix, thanks, and if you can’t do that, then I’m going to find another office where they can reach my cervix. But what I am not doing is paying for an ultrasound because you can’t find one of my body parts.”

  2. It’s a cervix, not a set of car keys. It isn’t lost.

  3. Erm, there’s only one place it can be. I can find my cervix easily (granted, I have a very low-lying cervix) so a DOCTOR with a speculum should have no problem.

  4. What? I can find my own cervix, I’m pretty sure it’s *there*.

  5. It’s like where’s waldo…

  6. When my former doctor had problems finding my cervix, he had no problem pushing down on my belly/uterus to better expose it…

  7. It went out to lunch. It’ll be back in a minute.
    Seriously? It’s right there. I know it’s hard to find in some women, or during certain parts of the month, but it’s not like it left.

  8. Also mine! We went to Israel for my husband’s first year of clergy training about six weeks after we got married. The insurance we could get there was minimal, and this was the only gyn I could see when I thought my iud had gotten dislodged. He had a broken arm at the time, but assured me he could still check if it was in place with no problem. Then of course, he couldn’t. Insurance wouldn’t pay for the ultrasound, so lets just say it was a looong first year of marriage until we got back to the US and I could see a new GYN.

  9. Oh crap. I *knew* I left something in the car…

  10. My midwife checked me at my request late in the pregnancy, and she had a student working with me as well. The student couldn’t find my cervix. She couldn’t grow longer fingers for her chosen profession, so my midwife told her to ask me to bring my knees toward my chest and it magically appeared! Seriously learn how to do your job vs always relying on technology!

  11. You can not feel your cervix not even with long fingers to far up gyn told me that it’s not possible he say only a prep can see it I thought I was feeling mines but was not

    • Your gyn flat out lied to you. The cervix raises and lowers over the course of your cycle, so you may not be able to reach it at certain times, but most of the time you can. What you thought you were feeling most definitely was your cervix.

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