Apr 152013

“That’s just your bag of water bulging.” –   L&D nurse who was told by the mother the baby was close to being born, and was asked to call the OB right away. The baby was born onto the bed when the nurse had her back turned a short time later.

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  10 Responses to “That’s Just Your Bag Of Water Bulging.””

  1. Remember, ladies, the hospital is the only safe place to give birth because the attentive and caring professionals will be beside you every step of the way, monitoring your progress and ensuring your safety!

    (Is it bad that my second thought was, “Wow! They didn’t do AROM on this mom!”)

    • “Is it bad that my second thought was, “Wow! They didn’t do AROM on this mom!”

      Lol. That’s probably why the nurse didn’t believe the mother was crowning – ‘we do AROM on everyone, it MUST be done in order for labor to progress, you haven’t had AROM yet, therefore, your baby is not crowning.’

    • Let’s just hope the nurse got there in time to cut the cord so all the blood didn’t go back into the placenta.

  2. Which is quicker, paging the doctor ASAP for impending birth (because if it was indeed the bag of waters is bulging like that baby is close either way) or dealing with paperwork/inquiry into a birth unassisted by doctor?

  3. How would she know without checking?

  4. I was in the hospital less than 2 hours before baby was born (this was in 2003). I had warned the doctor I had my previous babies quickly, and that if I came in she should be there or she might miss it. The nurse ran through the usual questions, leave me be, and such. I was checked at 4cm coming in. I kept saying I thought I was close, and call the doc. The nurse said, “no, not until you are at 8cm.” The nurse actually checked me and I was at 9cm then. Soon after, I was asking about the “ring of fire” feeling and she said it was only my bag of waters bulging after casually glancing back at me. I asked her to break it right then, thinking baby was coming out. She just said that the doctor was only allowed, not her. She and another nurse were in the room, but they were near the window doing something (not even by the baby warmer or anything…). Maybe they were getting materials together or charting…not sure. I yelled, I’m pushing, baby is coming, and they just said not to push. They stayed near the window. Neither was near me when my baby came out and bounced on the bed that was not broken down (thank God). Once my baby was out, it was 2 minutes and an ER doctor came running in. Then, about 6 minutes later according to my husband, the doctor came in to catch the placenta. The nurses argued over the time of birth, and the hospital certificate has the time scratched out and re-written. She had meconium all over her body and so they took her to the NICU for 6 hours. Had she been caught by the doctor, we might have had no reason for the NICU. Baby was healthy all along.

    • Jeez! How dismissive and incompetent. Sorry you experienced this nurse!

    • Ok, common sense dictates that if a mother tells you the baby is coming (especially if it’s not her first birth) you better believe her. What’s the worst that can happen? You check, she’s wrong, baby will come out later. So sorry you had to deal with this pair of idiots.

    • How incompetent does a nurse have to be to check a woman and decide she’s 9cm and then in response to “I need to push” say it’s impossible?

    • I firmly believe any person who says, “Don’t push” to a woman who says she’s pushing/her body’s pushing, etc. has never had an unmedicated birth. I can understand “try not to push” or “breathe through it” during TRUE emergent issues (prolapsed cord, shoulder dysplasia, etc.), but “don’t push” (because the doctor’s not here yet, because I haven’t had my coffee, fill in the blank) is just stupid. Glad your baby was ok!

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