Apr 142013

‘This isn’t vacation, honey.  It’s labor!”- L&D nurse to mother on arrival, who was vocalizing through contractions.  The mother had transferred from a home birth and already had a long and hard labor prior to being admitted.

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  14 Responses to ““This Isn’t Vacation, Honey. It’s Labor!””

  1. Um… what? What do vocalizations have to do with being on vacation??

  2. Maybe the nurse took vocalizations to mean complaining?
    Many of them think that the moaning and crying in transition are requests for an epidural, or just whining because they’re in pain, and they feel compelled to tell the moms that ‘it’s too late for drugs’ or ‘I told you it would get worse’.
    Vocalization is often a natural response to the pain, and a normal and healthy way for the mother to take the edge off, and move the level from oh-my-gosh-I-can’t-take-it-any-more to this-is-nuts-but-I-can-totally-do-it. Don’t make her self-conscious. Let her vocalize – yes, we DO think it helps.

  3. I really don’t understand the mentality on some of these nurses, OBs and midwives who have a problem with vocalization. Are we supposed to be quiet? Even with a epidural, you feel pressure so it’s normal to vocalize. If I punched you in the face, would you be quiet?

  4. 1) That ‘honey’ is so obnoxious. I cannot imagine the nurse was soothing the mother and stroking her hand and saying, “honey” in a comforting way. It’s so dismissive. If you said that back to the nurse, “It’s not vacation, honey — it’s your JOB to take care of laboring women!” the nurse would be offended. Right. Because it’s offensive.

    2) Is this punitive because the mother is a homebirth transfer, or does this nurse treat all laboring moms as if they should be laboring in pained silence at all times?

    3) Methinks it’s not the mom who needs the vacation here. Burnout. Burnout. Burnout.

  5. But, 3 days of no cooking and a call help button…I was sure it was

  6. Vacation is cheaper.

  7. I’ll bet this is the same nurse/hospital as the last comment.

    PS- The only person allowed to call me “honey” is my husband or if you’re 75+ and from the south.

    • I use the term “hun” even though I’m still a few years from 75. (I feel 75 quite often, though lol) I am also from the south, raised by older parents and much older aunts, so that might be where I get it from. I also love using the term “bless his/her/your heart”

  8. No shit, lady! If it was, these strangers shoving their hands in my vagina would have ordered me a nice dinner & a large marguerita.

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