Apr 142013

“Since clearly you didn’t have any prenatal care, he’ll need to see a cardiologist for a heart ultrasound just to make sure there’s nothing wrong with him.” – Pediatrician to mother of a home birthed baby, who did have a Level II u/s at 22w gestation.

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  17 Responses to ““…Clearly You Didn’t Have Any Prenatal Care…””

  1. “You will need to see a proctologist, because you clearly have your head stuck up your rear end. After he helps you with that situation, maybe then you will be able to read the chart and see that I had an ultrasound as part of my prenatal care.”

  2. ah yes because home birth = no prenatal care… read the chart doc

  3. “No consent. Sorry. As he did have prenatal care, I cannot trust your medical judgment about his case. I am terminating your care and would like to request a new pediatrician.”

  4. Assuming makes us what?

  5. If I didn’t mention that the level II scan found a problem, what makes you think he has one?

    Also, the fact that I had an ultrasound means I had prenatal care. DUH.

    • Not necessarily. I had an ultrasound around 20 weeks, but no prenatal care at all. Not aside from keeping an eye on my own weight gain and BP.

      • What exactly is everybody’s definition of prenatal care?

        • Well, when I think of having prenatal care, I’m thinking about seeing a midwife or OB regularly. This may or may not involve having tests done, and this may include having ultrasounds.
          I had an unassisted pregnancy myself. I didn’t even consult with a midwife, not once. And I didn’t see a medical professional at all, not even for unrelated issues. I took my own BP, and at around 20 weeks we had an ultrasound with someone who does commercial and medical ultrasounds. We paid for this out of our own pocket, even though in my country, prenatal care and everything that comes with it is covered by insurance. We didn’t get a full scan because we weren’t terminating for any reason, but we did want to look for obvious signs our baby might need to see a doctor soon after birth or even have a hospital birth. Additionally, I wanted to know where the placenta was located because my mother has had a previa and I somehow worried about that. lastly, we wanted to know the gender of our baby so we could focus on one gender when we talked about names.

          Essentially, I did my own prenatal care. But I bet that doesn’t count with most doctors.

          At 41 weeks 5 days gestation, I had a perfectly fine unassisted waterbirth.

  6. Also lack of ultrasound doesn’t equal lack of prenatal care. I don’t like ultrasounds for many reasons but I obtain prenatal care. And, shocks of all shocks, women can also provide their own prenatal care! Wow!

  7. According to a friend whose daughter was born with a heart defect, prenatal ultrasounds don’t always catch heart defects. The best way to detect a heart defect is a pulse ox test. She is very vocal about every baby getting one and is very involved in a movement to make it part of the required newborn assessment, not more prenatal testing. hmmmm

    Also, prenatal care doesn’t prevent heart problems, and in a good part of the cases it doesn’t even catch them.

  8. Like Bonita said above, ultrasounds don’t always catch heart defects. There is nothing wrong with checking all the newborns for heart defects, since early diagnosis often saves lives. But the problem with this post is that the doctor wants to consult a cardiologist only because the baby was born at home. They seem to have this attitude that every mother who has a home birth without complications for her or baby (which is the vast
    majority) is just incredibly lucky. After all, danger awaits around every corner and birth is a very dangerous medical event.

    • Also, what other useless tests and procedures is this doctor going to order because the doctor doesn’t consider the mother to have received adequate prenatal care? When the child is three and having problems with, oh, speech or frequent rashes, is the doctor going to say, “Well, what can you expect? You never gave him adequate medical care.”

    • My friends son was born with a very bad heart condition (bD enough that he had to have open heart surgery twice before he was a year old) that wasn’t caught on an ultrasound and she had prenatal care and had her baby in a hospital. What this doctor considers prenatal care doesn’t mean that these things still can’t happen.

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