Apr 132013

“I don’t get paid enough for this sh!t!” – L&D Nurse as she was leaving the room of a mother who was vocalizing loudly after receiving an epidural that appeared to not be working.  The nurse did not believe there was a possibility that the epidural might be working.

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 April 13, 2013  epidural, L&D Nurse, labor  Add comments

  9 Responses to ““I Don’t Get Paid Enough For This Sh!t!””

  1. Just call the anesthesiologist and leave your attitude and unprofessional attitude at the nurses station

  2. And I’m paying too much for this attitude.

  3. Then quit and find another job with better pay or less sh!t.

  4. Didn’t believe the epidural might not be working? Was it her first week on the job?

    Setting aside the fact, of course, that the nurse’s attitude and comment are ridiculous and uncalled for, not to mention unprofessional. OP, I hope you reported it.

  5. I had to have 2 because the first one didn’t work. The contractions with the one that didn’t work were way worse (or at least felt that way) than those with no epidural. I screamed and sobbed my way through them. However, my nurse was very nice and got the anesthesiologist back to try again.

  6. Can I direct you to human resources to ask for a raise then? And yes, nurse A-hole, I’ll be more than happy to give you a recommendation for it, just have your HR rep call me directly on my room phone. I’ll be sure to give a GREAT review for the care you gave me.

  7. Who said anything about sh!t? She wasn’t pushing yet, was she?
    Seriously, cussing on the job is so pathetic.
    Our professor called someone out on using the word ‘pissed’ when talking to our assistant professor. And that’s one of the tamer words. She’d freak out on us if someone used this language. Seriously, if it was to a patient we’d probably get dismissed from the program.
    I haven’t done my L&D rotation yet, but I’ve had patients in pain, and I can’t imagine cussing at them! (And, yes, I do let the occasional word fly in my private life.)

  8. This happened to a friend of mine. She was a ftm and she didn’t fire the nurse. She wished she did but didn’t know any better back then.

  9. Every time I hear someone using that word, I am reminded of Short Circuit: “No sh!t. Where see sh!t?”

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