Feb 242013

“This baby will never come out without it. – Midwife to mother who was screaming to not cut an episiotomy.  The midwife did it anyway.

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 February 24, 2013  episiotomy, informed consent, Midwife  Add comments

  15 Responses to ““This Baby Will Never Come Out Without It.””

  1. What. The. Hell?!?!?! This just makes me so mad! If only you could call the cops and have her sit a night in jail for that. It’s assault!

  2. Babies have a way of coming out, it’s called taking their time or natural tearing which heals much better than a deep long cut. If the mother doesn’t want a scalpel near her parts I don’t blame her.

  3. Unless the baby is in the distress (and it doesn’t sound like it was) then there is no reason for this.

  4. Wow. I don’t understand how some people can have so little respect for a woman’s autonomy. This does sound a lot more like laziness on the midwife’s part than any true medical need.

  5. Uh, yeah, chances this could be true are more than zero… but approaching zero.

  6. Define never. Never as in “your perineum tissue is so fibrous and lacks elasticity and will never stretch any more, so you will be stuck with a head in your vagina until you die of old age at 93″? Or is this more a case of: “I don’t feel like watching this 2 step forward 1 step back thing for an extra 5 minutes, I want to go have lunch already, so I’m just gonna cut your vagina without consent. “

    • Problem is, in most cases (barring extreme circumstances), cutting an episiotomy does not help the baby come any faster. I’m betting this was a hospital medwife who’s just so enculturated to medical thought that the idea that intervention doesn’t improve outcomes is just beyond her.

      • It does speed up delivery by maybe a few minutes. Not enough to be worth the risk to the mother, except maybe in an emergency when every second counts and baby must come out NOW. But you are right, try telling this to the medwife for whom this has become routine. I think she also may have been trying to punish the mother.(from what I understand, OP was 17 years old at the time :( )

  7. I swear, if I have to have a hospital birth next time, I’m telling my husband to drop ALL the scalpels and scissors on the floor (and maybe to spit on them a little).

    Because I do NOT was an episiotomy again, and we WILL delay the cord clamping.

    Oh. Drop all the clamps on the floor too.

    Also: “Liar!!!!! LIAR!!!!”

  8. Also mine. First baby- military hospital. To make matters worse, when she stitched me up, she did a shoddy job, simply stitching the outer layer of skin, and none of the muscle tissue. :(

  9. My midwife said that she has never cut an episiotomy. This is criminal!

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