Feb 242013

“I think you are crazy” – OB while tossing the mother’s birth plan into the garbage.

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 February 24, 2013  Birth Plan, OB  Add comments

  26 Responses to ““I Think You Are Crazy.””

  1. “I think you are fired”.

  2. My next birth plan will be “crazy”.(if happens!)I wanna labor to Glee! =D
    OP, I’m so sorry. the ob had no right to do that =( i really hope you were able to walk and find a different provider with a heart!

    • Thats awesome! My last baby was born at home to the Lea Michelle version of “Defying Gravity,” such a beautiful birth.

    • I watch Ron White while in labor with my second baby. It was really weird watching it after his birth. I could tell when I was having contractions because my recollection of what he was saying would fade for about a minutes every five minutes or so. Hahaha.

      Defying Gravity was also a big song for me before his birth. I was planning an HBAC that was derailed due to him being surprise breech.

      • I will never forget my parents, me, my husband, my midwife and my doula all watching The Blues Brothers while I was working through early contractions.

    • Ha! Awesome, “Defying Gravity” during labor. Hilarious!!

      Actually, playing that should be something OBs ENCOURAGE during birthing! Think about all the times providers (nurses, OBs, etc.) have stated that “using gravity (i.e., walking, standing/swaying, using birthing balls, etc.) has no effect on labor progressing” or “using gravity (i.e., upright positions) has no effect on and doesn’t help facilitate pushing.” (Silly moms … gravity’s for midwives! Sorry, Trix flashback.)

      So, when they’re telling us in all sincerity that staying in bed, not moving while in bed (lest you disturb the almighty continuous EFM), and pushing flat on your back (essentially uphill) are all best for you and baby, they’re promoting “Defying Gravity!!!” :)

      • Go back even further: if they prescribe bed rest for the mom, it’s to keep the baby off the cervix in order to prevent her from dilating.

        Then she goes into labor at term and what do they want? They want her in bed.

        Um…? Guys? Consistency here?

  3. Professionalism!

  4. You know, I realize that the paper and ink used to produce the birth plan was about 5 cents of materials. But part of me wants to say “Hey! That’s destruction of property!”

  5. This could be my brother except he’s an RN. But he thinks if you stray even slightly from the mainstream norm you’re crazy and has no issue telling you this. He also brags often on fb about how stupid his patients are and how dare they question him.

    • My brain suddenly went, “Whoa… potentiel HIPPA violations and fines associated with talking about patients of FB.”

      But I have a brother like that too. He’s and EMT and thinks that makes him qualified to diagnose everything from pregnancy diabetes to heart failure.

  6. Also mine! second baby. It was a consultation for a doctor. On the phone, he agreed to my birth plan. It was a good bait-n-switch. I came in, he told me my birth plan was stupid, I was crazy, I had unrealistic expectations (which is written on my chart) and told me my bp was too high and he was inducing me, and I would have the baby today. I told him off, stood up, walked out, and only came back 2 weeks AFTER I had the baby, to get the proof I was ever pregnant so I could file the birth certificate.

    • You needed proof that you were pregnant to get a birth certificate? The people attending the birth couldn’t sign it?

      • Funny thing about small towns- when one OB sets his hooks in you, a few phone calls and no other OB will touch you. I was unable to find another provider in the following weeks, and quite happily had an unassisted birth at 39+ weeks. :)

        • Glad you walked away, but that is beyond horrible that it’s either doc’s way or unassisted.
          Nothing against UC (I’m considering it if I have another one, hubby isn’t very happy, though), but it shouldn’t be a decision one is forced to make because there is no one safe to care for you.

  7. What am awesome ob. I cant believe he would fix it so you couldnt see any other dr. What if something went wrong? I am glad you had a wondergul ua birth. I had a nurse laugh at my birth plan after my planned home birth ended up in a csec and twins in the nicu. Sadly one of the few things i remeber from the day they were born

  8. I wonder what this doc would do with a advanced directive or DNR/DNI. Yikes.

  9. Good for you for standing up for yourself!

  10. Some professionals just think they know it all. By the book is what works for them!

  11. Wow. *Not* the way to handle this, Doc. Please note below the *correct* way to do it:

    My midwife took the clinic-issued paperwork out of my hands, ripped off the back page birth plan, and tossed it out saying “Don’t bother with this birth plan. It was drafted in the 60′s or something. Let’s write your own.” And we did. Together. With input from both her and Hubby.

  12. i cant imagine you were asking to hang from the ceiling while pushing and have the happiest elf massage your perineum were you? because that *would* be crazy ;)
    i think all birth plans should be respected even if they are unrealistic for that situation, there is no reason to ever call anyone crazy for stating their preference, you can simply explain to them why something may not be possible for them and then suggest another option or compromise for them to consider, they might say no but hey thats their right!

    • …Wait, you can ask for those elves? I never knew!! I thought they were just to cast those magic danger-less germ-less spells the hospital gives out!

  13. Is it really a good idea to tell people you think they are crazy? What if they are?

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