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“You WILL be induced today and if you do not have the baby in 12 hours I WILL do a cesarean section.” – OB to mother at 34 weeks, due to blood pressure readings that the doctor said were above normal.

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 February 23, 2013  Cesarean, informed consent, OB  Add comments

  17 Responses to ““…If You Do Not Have The Baby In 12 Hours, I Will Do A Cesarean…””

  1. Then I WILL sue you if I don’t consent and you do it against my wishes.

  2. I would be looking for a new doctor at that point. I would not follow his “orders”.

  3. This is also mine. This was actually my second baby. For the record, my BP was 122/80 or so.
    I read him the riot act and then walked out. There is more to this story I am sure you will see, and I will fill in the whole story then.

    • 122/80 is normal blood pressure, wtf! Good for you for blasting him. I would love to hear the rest of the story.

      • Oh no, he told me it was WAY too high for woman who was pregnant, as see, your bp drops during pregnancy and that it should be no higher than 110/70…. I asked him if he thought I was born yesterday…

        • Ok that’s scary- I know your BP usually drops during the first and second trimester but then it goes back up to pre-pregnancy levels during the third. And you were WELL into your third trimester at this point! Yikes!

    • Wow. That doctor was dangrous. :-(

    • WHAT. That’s a normal blood pressure and you’re not even full term at 34 weeks. That’s medically unnecessary even from a layman point of view.

    • Oh my, how many lives has this “doctor” put at risk for his conveinence? OP, so glad you knew better!

    • OMG, what a QUACK!!! 34 weeks? So, for no medical reason, he wanted your baby to be born 6 WEEKS premature…up to 8 weeks, really, as guess dates can be at least that far off. Talk about dangerous. Did you report him, so he didn’t do this to others? I’m proud of you for giving him hell for trying to scare you with such obvious BS just so he could have control over you and “save” your baby. Good for you!!

    • What the hell?!?! That is my usual pregnancy BP and I get praised for having low blood pressure! Glad you walked out.

    • Wow, that’s utter stupidity. I had borderline pre-e, blood pressure spiked at 140/100, and they still wanted to monitor me closely at 39weeks rather than just inducing. I did end up with an induction later that week when my blood pressure kept going up, but it was on my terms, and the c-section card was never pulled, despite being a VBAC. 16 hours of labor later, I pushed out my beautiful baby girl, one day before my due date.

  4. Thank goodness you were smart enough not to listen

  5. “And if you try to do anything to me without my consent, I WILL put all 36″ of my inseam up your ass.”

    Would have been my response.

  6. Can you imagine if you didn’t know any better? This idiot could have landed you in the OR and your poor baby in the NICU. 120/80 is not even prehypertension for crying out loud!

  7. And I WILL be collecting my records and finding a new doctor TODAY!

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